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Unique Restricted Opportunities

This is a special category for unique opportunities in limited access regions. They are offered by reputable organizations who are careful as to the details they provide so as to protect their overseas personnel as well as the special ministries they provide for living out God's love in word and deed.

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Mission/Vision Statement

The desire of the organizations which list special unique opportunities in limited access countries is it to make it possible for believers to become aware of options for overseas service which are usually difficult to find. By this means we are able to connect those desiring to serve in limited access areas with the organizations who make it possible.

Due to the sensitive nature of these opportunities, when you inquire, they will ask you a good number of questions including your pastor's reference before they give you specific details as to where these activities take place. If you will patiently work with them, they would be glad to connect you with options that fit you and your experience and desire.

Doctrinal Statement

The organizations offering these opportunities are in full agreement with the doctrinal statement of Mission Data International and


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