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The Isaiah Connection

Founded 2002

The purpose of The Isaiah Connection is to provide worldwide life changing, Christ centered, mission opportunities by connecting teens and adults in communities around the world.

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Mission/Vision Statement

The mission of the ministry is two fold:

First: the project is based on Isaiah 40:1-11 where God is telling Isaiah that it is time to bring His people out of exile, it is time to bring comfort to them so that they will truly know that He is God. Thus, the project provides opportunities to build long lasting relationships in communities around the world where youth and adults will work on projects that will help bring comfort to those they come in contact with. The project not only gives to the community, but also receives back from the community the experience of working with other cultures that affect youth and adults in a life changing way.

Second: the project is based on Isaiah 53, the suffering servant. Just like Isaiah demonstrated a suffering servant heart, youth and adults will come to know want it means to serve in an unconditional loving manner to all people and all cultures of the world where The Isaiah Connection is based. Youth and adults will have the opportunity to minister in a way that will affect their hearts, minds, souls, and spirits through their unselfish Christ like actions.

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Phone: 612-280-7676

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8987 E Tanque Verde RD
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