Push The Rock Sports Ministry

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Push The Rock is a Christian sports organization that partners with churches and organizations around the world to use sports to impact the world for Jesus Christ … ONE life at a time! We teach sportsmanship and character in addition to the sports fundamentals in a variety of different programs, using Scripture as the foundation. Sports is a universal language that creates common ground and opens the door for conversation.

Mission/Vision Statement

MiISSION: As a global sports ministry, we proclaim the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through the pursuit of excellence in sportmanship and athletics.

VISION: To be a global leader in sports ministry, impacting the world for Jesus Christ … one life at a time!

Doctrinal Statement


We Are …

Unapologetically Christian

We Believe …

In the infallibility of Scripture!
That Jesus Christ is the Savior of all by grace through faith alone!
That we are to love one another as Christ loved the church!

We Commit …

To honor God above all else.
To share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be fervent in seeing people come to know Him as their personal Savior.
To maintain a strong focus on prayer.
To use athletics as a platform for ministry.
To work with the local church in sports ministry.
To develop sportsmanship and Christian character.
To disciple all Push The Rock participants and staff.
To value each individual over any program.
To follow sound financial stewardship and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) standards.

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