12Two Missions

Our sole objective is to see lives transformed! As a result, we hope to stir up a revival in America through a revival in the American church. Challenging tradition and culture by preaching and teaching the truth by any means available that will have the greatest impact.

Mission/Vision Statement

At 12Two, we are driven to create a Revolution of Revelation in the American church with missions as our tool for change. What do we mean by a Revolution of Revelation? Were glad you asked!

We want to incite a revolution of love that prompts change in the way we live out our faith. The current model for doing church and living out our faith seems to be broken. With churches on every street corner in America filled with believers, one would think that this country would look different. After all, Gods people are the catalysts of change in culture, as seen throughout the history of the church. Starting with Jesus.

However, we dont want to just create change for the sake of change. This change should be rooted and built upon the foundations of divine revelation. Luckily, we have the Bible and the Holy Spirit to look too for this. God has given us the blueprint, we just need to follow it.

Its time that the American church be more than a place to hear great sermons, eat potlucks, and attend deep studies. Its time for the American church to fullfill Gods purpose and intention for the church in general. Where His people stop attending and start going. Where the broken find healing, the proud find humility, and the lost find grace. Its time for a Revolution of Revelation!

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