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Trip #7673

  • Mission Trip Agency

    International Christian Youthworks

    Offering agency

  • Mission Trip Location

    Kenya, Eastern Africa

  • Mission Trip Dates

    Customizable: Jan-Dec 2018

    Lasts between 1 week to 1 year

  • Mission Trip Ministry


    Evangelism: All Other, Leadership Training, Preaching/Public Speaking, and Sports & Outdoor

  • Mission Trip Cost

    *see notes below or inquire for details

2 weeks to 12 mths in Kenya for $350 initial fee & then $30 a day ($50 in Nairobi). Go through a western-based organization but live with & for Africans, serving the African church. Dates to suit you

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

using local wood, water and earth to create a mud wall in a new village school International Christian Youthworks, ( is a global family of like-minded youth ministries which gives us a pretty unique opportunity of providing you with the opportunity to go on mission through a western-based organization but to serve with and for nationals. You will live, minister, travel and eat with Africans. The administration of your application and your orientation will be both international and local. Every year we’re expanding into new African countries. Currently we’re in 17. Your ministry will take place in Kenya, where we have about 20,000 Kenyans taking a Diploma in Missional Leadership.

We’ve been exchanging mission-hearted young adults between our partners for over thirteen years now, and believe our program offers you the most authentic, affordable, productive and safe mission trip. Ultimately your trip is overseen personally by the International Directors of ICY, David and Linda Isgrove, and you and your families will be given their personal contact details to ask any questions you may like, but practically your application is administered from East Africa, which not only reduces your costs, but provides employment for African Christians and enables you to build relationships with those you will serve right from the outset and keep in touch with what is going on right at grass roots level.
ICY Africa is a partnership of African-led youth ministries each with a passion for African youth ministry, carried out in a Biblical, caring and African way. The ICY Africa office is based in Nairobi Kenya and is run by Joe Bonga our African Director, who after David and Linda, will be your first contact.
We believe we have a unique opportunity for you to experience Africa from an African’s perspective. You’d live as an African, working in a wide range of youth ministries under African leadership, and although you’d have a chance to do the touristy things, we pretty much can guarantee that isn’t what you’ll remember most.
If you or you and a small group of friends are looking for a short or medium term mission or gap year experience in Africa, that is affordable, authentic and ready to go pretty much right away then this opportunity is for you.
ICY has short term mission and gap year opportunities available for a start any time with its work in Kenya. We have 40 centres there in a wide variety of environments - from slums, to villages, from a port to towns
Our work, is based in Kenya (but also now in another 16 African countries), works extensively with some of the very poorest young people. It cares for them through programs like that which teaches slum girls a dignity and self-worth, or in Kibera, which cares for slum children. It shares the gospel with all ages in schools, prisons and orphanages, and takes every opportunity to go out into the bush on mission to those who have never heard. In 2016 over 3000 young people became Christians as a result of this course. The discipleship program is provided by trainers and leaders, mainly former slum kids, who have graduated from the ICY year-long Missional Leadership Diploma themselves. We regard it as something that is caught rather than taught and is based throughout on Kingdom values and principles. It is designed to change the DNA of young people so that they want to go and reach others. The numbers in Kenya alone that have taken the course have risen exponentially from 110 in 2012 to just over 20,000 in 2017.
We also have specialist programs that reach out using performing arts amongst disabled children and street evangelism and sports ministry in the villages
All our African partners are led by Africans on behalf of the African churches. You will be living, working and worshipping with Africans, and so get the most authentic experience of Africa. You should also be most effective, and live and work as cheaply as possible, albeit within a safe and healthy environment.
In Kenya, individuals or groups of 2-7 people can visit for just a few weeks or stay for a few months or even years. Basically, you join the team of Africans and Westerners, live with the team in safe and clean team houses, and work alongside the team in all they do. If you cover your airfares and visa to Kenya, the team will pick you up from the airport, and cover all your costs from there, for an initial $350, and then $30 a day outside Nairobi and $50 in the city (payable in instalments for up to 12 months) plus a $30 airport pick-up. The one-off payment is split two ways. $250 covers the administration of your application, (all of which goes towards the employment of African Christians in our Nairobi office.) The remaining $100 covers the one-off costs of internal transfers, and orientation. Anything left over goes to support the on-going ministry. The daily fee covers your accommodation, food, and as far as possible your work travel and costs around the country.
In other words if you come for 2 weeks the total cost of your trip could be as low as $870 (with the first and last day in Nairobi). If you come for three weeks it could be $1080. However, always have some extra money for contingencies.
Your other costs are:
Your air fare, (which varies depending upon when you travel but is likely to cost around $1600).
Your visa costs are $50 obtainable at the airport. Make sure you get a passport in time!!
Any vaccinations, (you’d need yellow fever inoculation and anti-malarial treatment if joining the village mission) and travel insurance.
Finally, the only other costs will be what you spend on sodas, safaris and presents!
We aim to have between 1-7 westerners at any one time, on what we call our Ministry Support Team (MSTs) working alongside the African staff and volunteers. So, you shouldn't be alone, but have the right mix of African and western team. We can pretty much take on visitors at any time for any period, providing we have room in the houses. So, give us your dates and we’ll do all we can to fit in with them! We’re now in 17 African countries but you will be in Kenya.
We also aim to use your gifts to the full so would seek to devise a program to suit you! Basically, we try to be as flexible as possible to give you the very best experience we possibly can, to give you the very best mission, internship or gap year experience possible at the most affordable cost.
Ultimately the team member is there to serve not only by what he or she does, but also by the way they do it. The team member should seek to bring Christ into all situations, to bless and encourage the whole team. By learning to do this appropriately and successfully, the team member will learn and give most during his or her time in Africa. For an overview of ICY see while to see what is happening across Africa, see Go and have a look!

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The whole program is devised to serve African leaders in their own ministries. The activities are African led, and fit into the ongoing programs in Africa. The western team will simply be joining the majority African team to serve, encourage, and learn from them.

Participant Information, Recommendations, Requirements

Participant Age

Sr. High, College, Adult, and Seniors

Eligible to Go

Individuals, Groups [max size 7], and Married Couples


None, but all gifts will be utilized to the full!




This opportunity will particularly suit those with a heart for youth ministry or mission. It is not a holiday! It demands a high level of maturity and a certain degree of confidence and independence. You will be joining a team, but not as a passenger. Everyone will be expected to be up for a challenge, have a heart to reach youth and serve, be flexible and humble enough to accept unfamiliar cultural situations and changes to programs, for which Africa is famous!

Mission Trip Offered By International Christian Youthworks

International Christian Youthworks

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ICY is a partnership of like minded youth ministries around the world, including the US, Canada, UK and Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Middle East who work together to provide mission, training and study opportunities for young people interested in mission and youth ministry. Because we are both global and local we hope we can offer you the very best mission trip experience. On the one hand our international office is western based and led, while on the other, all mission trips are coordinated locally by nationals. We hope therefore to give the best of both worlds: western organization and values merging with local culture and values. We handle hundreds of mission trip applications a year, but still want to offer a very personal care and service to all those who join our global community. For instance your application goes first to David and Linda Isgrove, the International African Directors, who will offer you the chance to talk to them personally about the opportunities. Once on the team, you, your parents and church will be given their personal contact details, and are available to answer any questions you may have. Find out more about ICY on the website,, or on the Facebook group ICY Africa.

Inquire about this Mission Trip

Contact International Christian Youthworks about this short-term mission trip:

David Isgrove at International Christian Youthworks

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Mission Trip Details

Location Information

Eastern Africa
Nairobi is the bustling capital of East Africa. It is safe as long as you keep to the basic ground rules set out for the team. The mission to the villages in the West and South West similarly is safe, as long as you drink bottled water and follow the instructions of the team leader.


Start date
Customizable: Jan-Dec 2018
1 week to 1 year

Demographics of People Being Ministered To

youth, street kids, orphans, children
People Group(s)
Christian, animist, none, muslim


Funds needed
*see notes below or inquire for details
costs are $30 per day for food, accommodation and local travel in rural areas, $50 in Nairobi; $30 airport pick-up, £350 one-off gift towards the work by the volunteers; $50 visa paid at Nairobi airport on entry. Other costs include travel insurance, medical injections and anti-malaria tablets, safari costs (about $100 if done), airfare to Nairobi, plus contingency money for any extras.

Training and Debriefing

Pre-field Training
Post-field Debrief
Induction takes places on arrival in Nairobi, Kenya and is led by both African and international leaders of International Christian Youthworks. Debrief similarly takes place at the end of the activities. If your dates tie in with a European conference, you are invited to fly to Africa via London and join in a UK based ICY Conference, where you will be given pre-arrival orientation. It is also a good opportunity to add an understanding of the wider global ICY family and European youth ministry at little extra cost. (The five day conference costs about $250 including travel).

Application Information

How to apply
Send an inquiry for details on the application process for this mission trip.

Other Information

All our African partners are defined and led by an African Board, Leadership and volunteer team. Into this context, it is possible to bring international volunteers and teams, who in turn benefit from being a part of a uniquely African work, run by Africans but as part of an international partnership with internationally accepted standards. However in order to maintain this ethos, it is necessary for the terms of reference for these teams to be clearly understood. Those coming are coming to serve the indigenous leadership in every aspect of their work, and thus the title: Ministry Support Team.

We believe this offers you the most flexible, affordable and authentic experience of Africa. You can also be assured that all the money you pay goes to Africa. ICY International receives no funds to cover our own expenses but we make known these opportunities to folk like yourself as a part of our support and giving to our brothers and sisters in Africa.