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Trip For Intergenerational Team - $495 Near [CANCUN]

DCI Yucatan Camp

Trip #7538

  • Mission Trip Agency

    DCI Missions

    Offering agency

  • Mission Trip Location

    Multiple Countries, Central America

  • Mission Trip Dates

    Approx: Dec 2018, Jan or Feb 2019

    Lasts between Up to 2 weeks

  • Mission Trip Ministry

    Adventure/Extreme Ministry

    Construction, Discipleship, Evangelism: Friendship & Lifestyle, and Orphan Care

  • Mission Trip Cost

    Total : $595 (US)

    Includes: Lodging, Meals, and Travel to and from location

if you are adventurous, if you like being around creative people and if a mission trip outside the norm turns you on, then taking a DCI mission trip is for you!

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Break Away Form a Team of 3+ ... Then fasten your seat belts. Stow away tray tables. Put your seats in the upright position, and have your group take the mission that will change your lives forever!

D.C.I. Is a Well- Rounded Program.
Our goal is to create schedules that focus on a person’s spiritual, mental, and physical growth. The DCI Yucatán Adventure Base is a secure campus located near the exotic city. Every day following morning classes teams travel from village to village using DCI programs to reach poor people.

After a day of ministry, people find that the campus is a beautiful, peaceful setting to rest and enjoy one another’s company.

Fun days include- Mayan Island - Ruin Excursions

Go.... where you never thought you would.
Do.... what you never thought you could.
Be.... what you always knew you should.

Awesome prices for groups! It Is Best To Call!
[Contact Us] 1-813-610-6351

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

We are missionaries who work in the Mayan Indian city of Tizimin. Reaching children and youth of the area. By reaching young people, the destiny of the area is changing!

Participant Information, Recommendations, Requirements

Participant Age

Elementary, Jr. High, Sr. High, College, Adult, and Seniors

Eligible to Go

Individuals, Groups [max size 120], Married Couples, and Families


At DCI we pride ourselves on not being the biggest but we work everyday on being the best. Years ago my husband and I as founders of DCI saw that by focusing on one group at a time, the experience was much more effective than spreading ourselves thin over many regions. So while praying, we felt the call to the Mayan Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala. Our success comes from our senior leaders and staff living and operating on a daily basis in the land of the Mayans.



How To Get Started:
Pray !
Be ready for adventure!!
Make sure that going global is for you.
Trust God to bring in your funds.
Email missionary Kathy Craver and provide your mailing address.
She will mail you a preparation packet at no cost.

Mission Trip Offered By DCI Missions

DCI Missions

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Is it still possible to find an affordable place to go on a short term mission trip? Fortunately there is, if you know where to go! Many people find that by choosing missionaries living in the country where God has placed in their heart to go, is the most effective way to take a mission trip. By choosing DCI for your next mission trip, you are coming to serve with missionaries living and operating in Belize, Caribbean, Guatemala and the Mayan Yucatan [Near Cancun].

Inquire about this Mission Trip

Contact DCI Missions about this short-term mission trip:

William Craver at DCI Missions

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Mission Trip Details

Location Information

Central America


Start date
Approx: Dec 2018, Jan or Feb 2019
Up to 2 weeks

Demographics of People Being Ministered To

Street Kids, Orphans, School Children, VBS in Mayan Indian Churches
People Group(s)
Mayan Indians
Your GROUP will be staying with real Yucatan missionaries who have a location near Cozumel and Cancun. Fly into Cancun, and then travel with your missionary hosts to the beautiful Mayan City of Tizimin. Lodging is in an authentic Mayan Campus... in a very safe area. This Mayan city will make your GROUP feel like THEY have traveled back in time one hundred years.
Your TEAM'S mission will be working with area Street Kids, School Children, VBS in Mayan Indian Churches.


Funds needed
Total : $595 (US)
Included in Cost
Lodging, Meals, and Travel to and from location
On A DCI Caribbean Mission Trip:
- You Have The Convenience of Building Your Own Mission Trip.
- You have the choice of coming solo or you can form a group.
- You will Not Feel like Just another Number or Lost in a large crowd.

Training and Debriefing

Pre-field Training
Post-field Debrief
Training is conducted on campus

Application Information

How to apply
Send an inquiry for details on the application process for this mission trip.

Other Information

Team Trips Are Customized To Fit Your Groups Personality and Denomination
DCI works directly with local denominational and independent churches. It’s our mission to strengthen the body of Christ in the regions surrounding our International missions bases. Our in-country campus directors work hard to connect you with a church that fits your ministries personality. After your team signs up for a mission trip and your team is accepted; the senior team leader of your group will have many consultations with DCI. This makes your mission experience very effective.