Inner-City Pittsburgh Mission - Camp

Jul 2020 | RP Missions

Covenant Fellowship Church building

Trip #6862

Inner-City Pittsburgh Mission - Camp

Trip #6862

Covenant Fellowship Church building

RP Missions


United States, Northern America


Jul 2020
Lasts Up to 4 weeks


Art, Drama, Music & Puppets, Construction, Friendship Evangelism, Urban Ministry, VBS/Bible Clubs,


Approximately $700 to $1000
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
Agency: RP Missions
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Dates: Jul 2020
Lasts Up to 4 weeks
Activities: Art, Drama, Music & Puppets, Construction, Friendship Evangelism, Urban Ministry, VBS/Bible Clubs
Cost: Approximately $700 to $1000
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
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You don't have to travel far to find fields ripe for harvest and one of the least explored and cultivated fields are found in the inner-cities. Come lend a hand and witness Christ building His church!

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

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Over the last few decades the church at large has shifted many of their efforts from the inner city to the suburbs. This shift has resulted in there being a huge need for ministry and laborers for Christ in the inner city. This congregation, located in the heart of Wilkinsburg, has been serving the Lord faithfully for decades and are deeply committed to seeing the transformative power of the gospel take hold of lives and communities. They have been very active and intentional in their ministries and have dedicated their lives to serve Christ in the areas in which they have been called. You will have the opportunity to work alongside these brothers and sisters in Christ with the common goal of sharing the gospel and expanding the kingdom of Christ!

There are two main aspects of this trip: (1) grow acquainted with the community and (2) help you grow in your youth working and team leader capabilities through discipling young people who come in to help with the outreach efforts of the congregation.

In order for you to grow acquainted with the community, you will participate in many activities to engage with the people in the community through door-to-door evangelism and by setting up tables in the community giving people the opportunity to pray with you or give you prayer requests. Another way you will grow acquainted with the community is through the children’s ministries organized by the church for the purpose of teach youth about Jesus Christ and being a mentor for them as you demonstrate the love of Christ to them. Finally, you will help with environmental revitalization efforts in the community through helping with a Christian housing ministry that takes old abandoned houses and prepares them for Christians in need in the city as well as participating in the annual community clean-up effort led by the church that boards up old abandoned houses, mows lawns and trims trees and cleans up vacant lots so that local kids can have places to play safely.

During your time in Pittsburgh, there will be several week-long trips that will come serve with you. These week-long trips will be comprised of up to 40 youth from across the nation, you will be tasked with overseeing their efforts to help with the kids' program, the community clean-up, and the vacation Bible school. Perhaps you recall the shaping influence that older young adults had on your formative years? This is an opportunity for you to play that role in the lives of many youth that are eager to serve Christ and His church and are just needing the encouragement and guidance of those who have begun down the road of a life focused on serving the Lord.

I hope the sound of this trip is stirring your imagination and inspiring within you a vision of how YOU could be used by God to meet very big and tangible needs. Typically, this trip is about six weeks in length and if you are available for the duration, you WILL grow immensely and be able to establish some lasting relationships. However, I understand that not everyone has that kind of time available to give to such a project, so we do offer some pro-rated options for various durations (2 weeks, 3 weeks, or the full 4 weeks and we could visit about some options for extended service opportunities for up to 6 months or a year).

Please contact us for more information or apply today!

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

This trip provides opportunities that many people tend to shy away from. You will get the opportunity to see how the gospel reaches people in the urban environment and you will see how the host congregation is seeking to be faithful in the discipling and mentoring of those reached by the mission teams.

Additional Trip Information

Northern America
United States
Other Location Info:
Wilkinsburg, PA; urban setting near Pittsburgh
Participant Age:
Sr. High, College
Eligible to Go:
Groups [max size 25], Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
The cost of the trip is based upon the length of time that the participant is prepared to serve. Because we believe that the longer a person is on the field the greater the likelihood that the lessons learned will be remembered and later implemented, we tend to offer pricing advantages to those signing up for the 4 week Mission Camp program. So, for those interested in serving on a 5 day mission trip (Monday to Saturday) the cost is $450; while someone selected for the 4 week camp will only pay $550. We are desirous of seeing mature Christian servants become capable disciplers of God's people and want to do all we can to remove financial barriers so that you can use your gifts for the glory of God and the encouragement of His church and that you might be used to shape the next generation of Christian servants!

Team members are responsible for domestic travel and the needed background checks for ministering to youth in Pennsylvania (approximately $50). RP Missions provides fundraising services for those desiring to send out fundraising letters to build support. You just send us your letter in Word format or PDF, and an Excel Spreadsheet of names and addresses, and we will print, fold, stuff, and provide the necessary response cards and envelopes and provide postage for up to three mailings.

Once your application has been received and you have been accepted, you can begin your fundraising and you will be provided with a payment schedule to maintain your place on the mission team. The mission cost must be paid in full two weeks prior to your arrival on site.
Training debriefing
Training is a key element of every successful short-term mission. RP Mission team participants will attend weekly online meetings to discuss the implications of the Great Commission, gain familiarity with the host congregation and the ministries that will be undertaken, and discussion of assigned readings. Following the trip, participants will be asked to write a short reflection paper to explore all that God taught them through the mission and how they intend to take and apply those lessons at home.
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Mission Trip Offered By RP Missions

RP Missions seeks to provide opportunities for God’s people to serve Christ through short-term efforts partnering with established congregations and mission stations. Our primary tasks are to Serve Christ and His Church, Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Disciple the Nations.

Our trips are primarily aimed at young people (Sr. High through College) but do consider groups who would like to get acquainted with missionary service. We desire to see Christian men and women grow in their confidence to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to grow in service to Christ and His Church.

You will enjoy working alongside pastors, elders, deacons, missionaries and other church workers that can inspire you with their vision and aid you in discovering the tools that God has been pleased to give you through regular study of His Word and the investment of your parents and local church.

If you have an overwhelming desire to serve Christ, to reach the “lost” with the good news of Jesus Christ, and if you are eager to get to know brothers and sisters in Christ from across His kingdom, we hope you will consider applying for an RP Missions trip!

Our mission efforts are open to young people from the United States and Canada.

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