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Interns Mentor Youth as They Share Jesus With Children in New York City

Craft time is lots of fun with the children!

Trip #6060

  • Mission Trip Agency

    Priority 1 Ministries

    Offering agency

  • Mission Trip Location

    United States, Northern America

  • Mission Trip Dates

    June 17 to August 4, 2018

    Lasts between 1 month to 2 months

  • Mission Trip Ministry

    Art, Drama, Music & Puppets

    Bible Studies & Small Groups, Inner City/Urban Ministry, Leadership Training, and VBS/Bible Clubs

  • Mission Trip Cost

    *see notes below or inquire for details

Want a summer mission's adventure that is life-changing and get paid to do it? You can mentor youth while impacting children in NYC with the love of Jesus!

Inquire About The Trip

What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Interns sharing object lesson about forgiveness in Bible club! Individuals apply for an internship: 2 months (June 15 - August 2); includes 1-week training school conducted by Children's Ministries Coordinator; working with youth groups doing urban outreach in children's Bible clubs and serving with numerous inner-city ministries and churches throughout NYC; and, assist with training and preparing International teams for outreach in other countries. Cost is $600: includes all lodging, food, training, ministry materials, transportation (except travel to and from NYC); all support is tax-deductible and all money raised above internship cost will be paid to you as stipend.

Your walk with the Lord will be challenged and stretched, and your heart will be impacted as you touch lives in New York City!! You won't be a tourist, although you will be able to enjoy the sights, instead you will experience New York City in a very real way!

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

Interns are mentored and challenged to grow spiritually for 2 months as they experience urban ministry first-hand serving with youth groups and established inner-city churches/ministries.

Participant Information, Recommendations, Requirements

Participant Age

College and Adult

Eligible to Go



No specific education, training or prior experience required - just a heart to serve, a desire to work with youth and children, willing to be challenged and stretched - prior experience with youth and children a plus but not required.


English; Spanish a plus but not required.


Personal born-again salvation experience required of all participants; each one must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (be a Christ-follower)

Mission Trip Offered By Priority 1 Ministries

Priority 1 Ministries

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Short-term urban and international cross-cultural mission trips for youth (individuals and groups), adults, families, retirees; Children's Ministry, Evangelism Outreach, Work Teams, Teaching Teams, Sports Teams, Street and Village Evangelism

Inquire about this Mission Trip

Contact Priority 1 Ministries about this short-term mission trip:

Bonnie Westberry at Priority 1 Ministries

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Mission Trip Details

Location Information

United States
Northern America
Interns experience ministry in different areas of New York City.


June 17 to August 4, 2018
1 month to 2 months

Demographics of People Being Ministered To

Children & Youth from every kind of life situation; and, youth groups who come to serve
People Group(s)
Multi-cultural groups in New York City
All the diverse groups with whom teams come in contact in NYC


Funds needed
*see notes below or inquire for details
Covers all training and ministry opportunities; Cost for internship - $750, which is to cover your subway passes/meals out in the city with teams; set your salary goal above the trip cost and what you raise above internship costs will be paid to you as salary (that you would have otherwise earned at a different job for college costs, etc.); you are able to send out letters (we give you the form letter) to raise support, donations are tax-deductible. Serve the Lord in urban ministry and be able to receive a pay check at the end of the summer!

Training and Debriefing

Pre-field Training
Post-field Debrief
Training from Priority 1 leadership in small group setting for first week of your internship and a time of Debrief prior to returning home.

Application Information

How to apply
Send an inquiry for details on the application process for this mission trip.
Application Deadline
June 1, 2018

Other Information

You will be challenged, stretched, and grow as you mentor youth groups and share the love of Jesus with children in New York City! You will learn to see our multi-cultural world through Jesus' eyes!!