Mission Trip to Larnaca, Cyprus

Jul 2020 | RP Missions

Cypriot Orthodox church building

Trip #360

Mission Trip to Larnaca, Cyprus

Trip #360

Cypriot Orthodox church building

RP Missions


Cyprus, Eastern Europe


Jul 2020
Lasts 3 weeks to 4 weeks


Bible Studies & Small Groups, Evangelism & Discipleship, Friendship Evangelism, Sports, VBS/Bible Clubs,


Approximately $2000 to $2600
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
Agency: RP Missions
Location: Cyprus, Eastern Europe
Dates: Jul 2020
Lasts 3 weeks to 4 weeks
Activities: Bible Studies & Small Groups, Evangelism & Discipleship, Friendship Evangelism, Sports, VBS/Bible Clubs
Cost: Approximately $2000 to $2600
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
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Come serve this Gospel starved nation under the guidance and support of a local congregation! This team will serve in many ways including (but not limited to) helping to run youth bible camps, build relationships with members of the church and community

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Teaching Youth from God's Word

What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Teaching Youth from God's Word

Every Summer for over twenty years RP Missions has sent a short-term mission team to work in Cyprus with a local congregation! These teams participate in a variety of activities with the host congregation including assisting with an English Vacation Bible School, building relationships with other evangelical churches in the area by joining them for outreach efforts, maintaining and improving the church grounds and buildings, working with local young people, and encouraging the host congregation in their faith and outreach efforts.

The nation of Cyprus is a nation comprised of some 1.21 million people and of those, only about 10,000 are "evangelical" Christians. The need for the gospel is great and as a mission team member you will be a great encouragement to the saints as they are reminded of the interest of the broad Christian church in the challenges and opportunities facing Christ's church in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a proven "crossroads" with people from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe making it a regular destination for vacation or stop on their travels. As a result, there are many opportunities to plant the seeds of the gospel in the hearts and minds of people that can gain easier access into other "closed" communities that you may ever be able to yourself. The congregations that we serve are comprised of people from around the world and provides you with opportunity to marvel at the rich testimonies of the saints that are gathered there and to better appreciate the great challenges that are facing many of our brothers and sisters around the world. It is very humbling to hear tales of the great persecutions that are underway and affecting the relatives of these saints. And it tends to stir up thankfulness within our own hearts as we realized what blessings we have been given to not be subjected to the same kind of intense trials. It also will spur you on to more regularly and faithfully remember the persecuted church in your own prayer times.

If you would like to encourage the saints, reach out to the lost, and grow in your appreciation of the great ways that Christ is building His church around the world, then this is a wonderful trip for you!

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

All RP Missions teams work alongside existing congregations on site. This ensures that proper follow-up will be made with those whom the team contacts even after they return home.

Additional Trip Information

Eastern Europe
Other Location Info:
Larnaca, Nicosia
Participant Age:
Eligible to Go:
Groups [max size 6], Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
Participants are responsible for arranging their travel to Cyprus, securing their passport, and fundraising expenses. Funds raised will be used to cover the onsite costs of housing, food, local travel, emergency medical/evacuation insurance, background checks, a gift for the host congregation, pre-field training and ministry materials.
Training debriefing
Training is an important part of the whole mission experience. Team members will participate in weekly online meetings along with participants from other RP Missions teams to explore the full implications of the Great Commission, understand the challenges and opportunities facing their host congregations, and to learn how to best reach people in the culture/country that they will be stationed. Following the trip, the team members will each write a short reflection paper that explores the lessons God taught them through their short-term mission and how they intend to implement those lessons when they return home.
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Mission Trip Offered By RP Missions

RP Missions seeks to provide opportunities for God’s people to serve Christ through short-term efforts partnering with established congregations and mission stations. Our primary tasks are to Serve Christ and His Church, Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Disciple the Nations.

Our trips are primarily aimed at young people (Sr. High through College) but do consider groups who would like to get acquainted with missionary service. We desire to see Christian men and women grow in their confidence to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to grow in service to Christ and His Church.

You will enjoy working alongside pastors, elders, deacons, missionaries and other church workers that can inspire you with their vision and aid you in discovering the tools that God has been pleased to give you through regular study of His Word and the investment of your parents and local church.

If you have an overwhelming desire to serve Christ, to reach the “lost” with the good news of Jesus Christ, and if you are eager to get to know brothers and sisters in Christ from across His kingdom, we hope you will consider applying for an RP Missions trip!

Our mission efforts are open to young people from the United States and Canada.

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