Construction Mission Trip - Wind River Reservation (Wyoming) June-Dec 2022

Jun - Dec 2022 | Foundations For Nations


Trip #26233

Construction Mission Trip - Wind River Reservation (Wyoming) June-Dec 2022

Trip #26233


Foundations For Nations


United States, North America


Jun - Dec 2022
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks


Construction, Native American Ministry, Service Projects & Helps, Community Development, Internship,


Approximately $300 to $500
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Meals
Agency: Foundations For Nations
Location: Wyoming, United States
Dates: Jun - Dec 2022
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks
Activities: Construction, Native American Ministry, Service Projects & Helps, Community Development, Internship
Cost: Approximately $300 to $500
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Meals
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Construction teams needed! Foundations For Nations has erected a 125' x 125' steel building on the Wind River Reservation that will be a church and a recreation center for the community. Foundations For Nations owns 11 acres on the reservation where the building and other ministry assets are located. We are in need of construction mission teams to come and help with the work on the interior of the building. This building will be a great tool to reach the community more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! As of 5/9/22 we are halfway done framing the rooms on the inside of the building. We have an on site project manager that can help guide all construction work that is done.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like


Foundations For Nations (FFN) is building a church/recreation center to better disciple the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Indians on the reservation.  This building will allow us t reach the local children, youth, and families by providing daily after-school programming, activities, and events to our community on the Wind River Reservation.  This site will also host our weekly church services, house mission teams, and so much more! 

We hired a contractor to erect the 22,000 square foot metal building and have been utilizing construction mission teams to complete the inside work.  FFN has a project manager on site to help guide the construction work and will be the lad for the work day-to-day.  We currently (as of 5/9/22) have completed half of the framing for the rooms.  We will be installing more windows, continuing framing, installing heating and air conditioning shrouds, roughing in the plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, flooring, trim, cabinets, etc.  Our goal is to have the construction fully completed by January 2023.  There are openings from June through December of this year for teams to come.  We do have an abundance of tools on site for the work.  As we continue with the projects there may be times where specialized tools could be brought, but for the last six months that we have done construction there was not a team that needed to bring their own tools.  We could host teams that have anywhere form expert experience to beginner's experience.  There is always a mix of jobs that can be done and we are not afraid to train as the work is being completed for those that are in the beginners category. 

Lodging and Food: FFN does have a 3800 square foot house that could be used to host a construction mission team.  This would be a bunk bed set up.  However, this is where we host our "regular" mission teams as well so we will have to check dates to see if it is available.  A second option is to use one of the local hotels.  The Hampton Inn costs $109/night and has free breakfast and dinners.  The Holiday Inn costs $115/night, no free meals at this hotel.  Breakfast and lunch would be provided by the ministry, but teams would be responsible for their own dinners.  The 3800 square foot ministry house has a full kitchen in it and there are restaurants close by in Riverton, WY as well.  These teams would be responsible for their travel costs to and from Riverton, WY for the mission.  FFN does have some transportation available.  This will just have to be coordinated.  

 We would love to host your team!  We can not do this mission without the help of other believers in Jesus Christ coming along side us!  

Blessings to you!

Jason and Sarah Lucas (Founders of FFN)    

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The trip will help in constructing a community building that will be used to preach the Gospel. We know that a building is not the answer, but rather how it is strategically used to reach people for Jesus Christ. The building will be used as a church and a recreation center throughout the year. FFN has been doing ministry on the Wind River Reservation for 5 years now. This is part of the long term goal of establishing a Christian hub on the reservation to bring more mission teams in to not only impact our local community, but also to allow them to grow in their walk with Christ.

Additional Trip Information

North America
United States
Other Location Info:
We are on the Wind River Reservation. The closest town is Riverton, WY and Lander, WY is close as well.
Participant Age:
Sr. High, College, Adult, Senior Adults
Eligible to Go:
Families, Groups [max size 35], Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
The approximate costs shown cover the food ($300 per person/week if staying at a hotel, $500 per person/week if staying at our ministry house). If you choose to stay at a hotel in Riverton, WY the hotel set up would be for you to do. FFN has a 3800 sq. ft. ministry house that has bunk beds and all that would be needed. We would have to see if the timing works to have this ministry house available due to "regular" mission teams possible being scheduled during the same times. If staying at the ministry house the cost would be $500 per person/week.
Training debriefing
Since there will be some interaction with the Native Americans while on he trip we go over cultural training with our teams. There has been a lot of hurt from non-Native Americans towards the Native people in our nation. We make sure to not call them "Indians" but rather Native Americans. "Indians" can be seen as offensive to them due to past things that have happened. We ask mission teams to not wear any sports gear that have Indians on them (Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks, Cleveland Indians, etc.). These mascots can be seen as offensive to them as well. We ask our mission teams to be prayed up as they prepare to come. There is a spiritual battle going on as God is working to bring restoration, healing, and Godly-change through FFN and the teams that come. We do not overly highlight this, as God is the victor and stronger one, but we do want to make the teams aware there will be spiritual resistance to the work being done. We love when teams come and work side-by-side the vision of FFN. When we work together to reach a common goal in unity there is a blessing that comes. We are so thankful when teams align themselves with what we are doing and not try to overly lead what they think is a better way. These are the main things we discuss in our training sessions with teams.
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Foundations For Nations is a Christian ministry that brings the Gospel to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. We bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Indians. Our desire is to see each person have a relationship with God, be ignited to reach people with the good news about Jesus, and work together to impact communities.

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