PERU - Piura - July 2022 - Youth and Adults

July 23 - 30, 2022 | Merge


Trip #26030

PERU - Piura - July 2022 - Youth and Adults

Trip #26030


Merge Committed to best practice standards - SOE Associate Member


Peru, South America


July 23 - 30, 2022
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks


Construction, Hospitality & Cooking, Youth Ministry, VBS/Bible Clubs, People with Special Needs/Disabilities,


** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
Agency: Merge
Location: Peru, South America
Dates: July 23 - 30, 2022
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks
Activities: Construction, Hospitality & Cooking, Youth Ministry, VBS/Bible Clubs, People with Special Needs/Disabilities
Cost: $685
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
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The Global Church is inviting you to participate in what God is doing in Piura, Peru. Our partner is Casa de Valientes, which supports an organization caring for HIV-infected patients and their families. Teams will be involved in baking, sewing, construction, carpentry, and ministry with children and youth. Invited are youth, young adults and adults. The trip will be led, staffed and implemented by Peruvian and Latin American Nationals.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like


The Global Church is inviting you to participate in what God is doing in Piura, Peru. Our partner is “Casa de Valientes” which has been supporting the altruistic and selfless work of "Asociación por la Vida" – (ASPOV) that has been caring for HIV-infected patients and their families for almost a decade. ASPOV has developed a comprehensive program of care and support for patients and their families as well as workshops. Some of these workshops have been led by particiants of Casa de Valientes, which is the primary organization responsible for giving practical tools to people with HIV and their families. The goal is for these people to feel useful and be able to generate income in a dignified manner. Within the workshops that CDV has developed includes: sewing, pastry making and carpentry.

Piura is a desert city of 500,000 located in the north of Peru. It is relatively isolated, and receives little support from the central government in Lima. The area is very low income and is often hit by natural disasters and plagues. 


The following are the primary ministry opportunities in Piura, Peru:

– Children's Ministry

– Ministry to Families

– Carpentry Workshops

– Youth Ministry

– Construction 

– Sewing Workshops

– Baking Workshops


Merge INVITE trips are designed by local partners to utilize team skills and experience to further their ministries in their communities.

All trips are led, staffed and implemented by Peruvian Nationals and Latin American church leaders. Merge is an organization directed by a leadership team made up of non-American Global Church leaders from around the world. Once your team sends in a deposit, the Merge Coach of Peru, Julio Garcia, will contact your team leaders and work with your team, and the local church leaders, to develop an itinerary, ministry focus, and develop learning activities for your team. Local nationals will be hired as interpreters, guides, ministry coaches, cooks, and construction supervisors (if needed). 

Housing –  Hotel

Food – Teams will be fed two-American/Canadian-style uncooked meals each day, and one cooked Peruvian meal made by local cooks. Purified water is also supplied for teams. 

Flights – teams would fly to Piura, Peru 

Ground Transportation – Merge will hire local bus companies to drive your team around Piura. 

Learning – Learning activites with local church leaders and Merge staff will be designed into the itinerary.

Cultural Activities –  The team will visit El Nuro, which is a beach on the Pacific Ocean which has turtles and a large variety of fish. There are also excellent seafood restaurants in the area.

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

Merge is an organization directed and led by Global Church leaders, not North Americans. This gives Merge a Global lens in preparing and implementing short-term trips.

All Merge trips are directed, organized, staffed and led by the national church. All Merge custom trips are mutually designed by the national partner in communication with the short-term trip leader. Teams learn FROM the local church leaders and pastors. The local church/ministries are inviting teams from the United States and Canada to participate in what God is already doing in their communities. Teams PARTICIPATE in ongoing ministries within the community of the local church and organization. The goal is to do ministry WITH local partners, not FOR them.

Merge trips to Peru are created by Peruvian nationals in partnership with the local churches in order to create an opportunity for the team and local congregation/community members to do ministry together, learn from each other, build relationships with each other, and further the ministry of the local churches.

Additional Trip Information

South America
Other Location Info:
Participant Age:
Sr. High, College, Adult, Senior Adults
Eligible to Go:
Groups [max size 15], Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
Does not include flight to Piura, Peru.
Training debriefing
Pre-trip training includes a training manual with recommended meeting outlines and an IN PERSON interactive training at your church by Merge trainers for teams of ten or more. In-person training covers three general areas: appropriate motivation and implementation of short-term trips, cultural intelligence training led by national leaders, and ministry preparation coaching. Teams also receive one-hour online virtual introductions with your Global partner called "Merge Connect," which are designed to begin dialogue, learning and relationships in advance of the trip. During the trip our staff will offer to lead your team in morning devotionals and evening debriefings written by Global Church Leaders to give your team a fresh new perspective regarding how God works in the world, your journey in your relationship with Christ, and Global perspectives on social justice issues. Post-trip debriefing includes a post-trip manual with meeting recommendations and outlines, virtual interaction with Merge Coaches from the country/region you will be visiting, plus a Merge Connect with community and church members your team interacted with during your trip.
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Mission Trip Offered By Merge

The GLOBAL CHURCH INVITING North Americans TO PARTICIPATE IN WHAT GOD IS DOING AROUND THE WORLD. Merge is directed by a team of Global Church leaders from five continents. All Merge trips are organized, led, and staffed by the Global Church. This gives Merge a UNIQUE non-North American perspective on short-term trips.

THE GLOBAL CHURCH INVITING – the initiative and leadership are from the Global Church, not the North American church to GO and lead
TO PARTICIPATE IN – the participation is active involvement and learning through what the Global Church is already doing. The focus is on involvement WITH, not doing FOR – active learning involves participation as well as reflection
WHAT GOD IS DOING AROUND THE WORLD – Missio Dei – God is actively involved around the world – North Americans can discover what God is already doing through followers of Christ around the world

OUTCOME – for participants from North America and the Global Church to be strengthened in their relationship with Jesus Christ, increase in passion for inter-cultural relationships, to implement God-inspired behaviors, and initiate new ministries and social change in their church and communities

Primary Values include:

LEARNING – God is doing amazing things through the global church. There is so much to learn about ministry and how God is working around the world. Come and learn!
RELATIONSHIPS – The kingdom of God is built on relationships, which are the key to a successful mission and ministry. Come and connect with followers of Jesus from around the world.
BRING IT HOME WITH YOU – When you return home, we want your vision and passion for your church, your community, and your own life in Christ to expand

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