Creative Arts

Jan - Dec 2022 | Mission Trips Uganda


Trip #25753

Creative Arts

Trip #25753


Mission Trips Uganda


Uganda, Eastern Africa


Jan - Dec 2022
Lasts Up to 2 months


Adventure/Extreme Ministry, Hospitality & Cooking, Bible Studies & Small Groups, Internship,


Approximately $500 to $2000
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Travel to and from location
Agency: Mission Trips Uganda
Location: Uganda, Eastern Africa
Dates: Jan - Dec 2022
Lasts Up to 2 months
Activities: Adventure/Extreme Ministry, Hospitality & Cooking, Bible Studies & Small Groups, Internship
Cost: Approximately $500 to $2000
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Travel to and from location
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Uganda has reopened to international arrivals! The Creative Arts project is based in schools, homes and disability centers in Kampala, and Central Region. It was developed as art offers a platform to escape from reality and the hardships of everyday life for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, while also teaching skills that can positively impact their futures. The Ugandan Education Service has recently included arts as part of the curriculum in the hope to improve the children's creativity, and ultimately, their lives. Art allows students to express themselves, tapping into their inventiveness and creativity, and is a fun outlet that helps positively stimulate and motivate.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like


By teaching youth creative skills and allowing them the freedom to express themselves, volunteers are imparting these youth with the skills to help them towards a happier, more fulfilling life. Since this is a new initiative in the education system, there is a severe lack of creative arts teachers and a desperate need for volunteers to help staff the project. Volunteers will have a curriculum to follow, however are encouraged to teach any creative subject or activity that will benefit the children. Resources are limited so donations from volunteers are greatly appreciated.This is important for those volunteers who are designing activities that might be new and need additional materials.

How You Can Help:

Research shows that exposure to art can help youth develop many positive skills and abilities (such as developing their memory and ability to focus), and can ultimately improve children’s confidence and academic performance.The benefits to those living in poverty and at-risk youth are even higher. Art exposure can be instrumental in resolving conflicts, deterring problems with attendance and disruptive behavior, and building self-respect, resilience, empathy and collaborative skills. Volunteers on this fantastic program will assist children to develop their cognitive abilities through creative methods using constructive materials, paints, clay and drawing. They will also help to keep the classroom clean, teach basic English and report on daily activities to local teachers. In addition to creative arts lessons, volunteers can spend time assisting the teachers in other subjects.

This is a great program for creative volunteers as they will have the opportunity to design and implement recreational and educational activities for the children. Volunteers are encouraged to use their skills and interests to develop fun things for the children to do such as music and dance, arts, crafts and much more.

Volunteers can expect to;

  • Participate in a diverse range of artistic projects
  • Teach art classes, giving youth the opportunity to experience creativity and learn art techniques
  • Teach English and assist with other subjects as required


Requirements: 18yo+

Mission Trips Uganda welcomes all those 18 years and over who wish to assist in the artistic development of Uganda's next generation. While this highly rewarding project does not require participants to have a background in the fields of art or education, as there are many ways you can assist, volunteers with suitable education, qualifications or experience are highly sought after. Regardless, a volunteer’s individual role can often be tailored to suit their particular skills and interests. Ideally, volunteers on this project will have at least a basic knowledge of the local language in order to communicate effectively with patients and staff, though this is not a pre-requisite. All applicants must of course display a genuine willingness to help, show drive and initiative, and bring a positive 'can-do' attitude. If this sounds like you, we want you on the team!

Additionally, volunteers applying to join this program will be required to supply to following documentation:

  • Emergency contact
  • A recomendation letter from your college or church


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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

Our Short-term mission volunteers work alongside the Ugandan staff and Ugandan local communities during all the outreaches . We carry out our Mission programs week to week and we partner with the local churches, local organizations and communities to better serve the Ugandan people. The Ideas shared by short-term volunteers are usually implemented into the long term activities of the projects

Additional Trip Information

Eastern Africa
Other Location Info:
Kampala, Uganda, East-Africa
Participant Age:
Elementary, Jr. High, Sr. High, College, Adult, Seniors
Eligible to Go:
Families, Groups [max size 20], Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:

Individual Short-term Mission Trips:

Short-term missions trips range from 1 weeks to 5 months. Volunteers are welcome to come as individuals and join our weekly outreach programs and work in the village with community who need help constructing anything from a hut, to a village kitchen, livestock shelters, etc. There are many elderly grandparents looking after young children who need help fixing their hut, we identify these families in need.


Program Fees

As a ministry, we try to make the cost of our mission trips as reasonable as possible..

Administration Fee is $250. This is due to the Uganda office 2 weeks after your application is approved.

In addition to the administration fee, there is a mission fee payable to Mission Trips Uganda based on the length of time you plan to serve: Mission fees are due to the Uganda Office at least 30 days prior to arrival in Uganda.

1 week: $500

10 days 2 weeks: $1000

3 weeks: $1,500

4 weeks: $2000

5 weeks: $2,200

6 weeks; $2400

7 weeks: $3000

8 weeks or 2 months: $3,200

3-4 months: $1000 per month

5 months +: $800 per month

Your trip has the option to end with a three-day safari in one of Ugandans national parks.

Safaris are conducted by Zuri Safari Trails, a safari company set-up to give back. A portion of all profits on these safaris go back to support the work of Zuri Safari Trails. See them at;


Church groups, youth groups, and small groups can partner with us for mission trips that can have a big impact on our community and your community.

Teams usually spend one to two weeks in Uganda participating in some of the following activities:

Medical missions


Children and youth ministry

Vocational training, such as agriculture

Church leadership training

Men's & women's discipleship


Business training and development

The trip would end with a three-day safari in one of Uganda,s national parks.
Length of Trip Mission Fee
1 week $1,300
2 weeks $1,600
3 weeks Contact us to discuss

We invite your group to come and be a part of Changing and transforming the local communities using your teams combined and individual talents and experience.
Training debriefing
All Our Mission volunteers are sent our Missionary Pack to prepare them for their Mission to Uganda, Africa and we carry out Skype training meeting before departure. Mission Trips Uganda works in Kampala, Buwooya, Kakiri and Kyegegwa Village, Uganda. We work with schools, orphanages, babies’ homes, and hospitals bringing the love of Christ to children in need. Individuals, families, friends, church groups, school groups, and college groups are welcome to join us in our weekly outreach programs for trips lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months. All trips are customize-able, depending on when you would like to come. Submerge yourself into the Ugandan culture; from the sights, sounds, smells, food, people and clothing - going on a trip to visit a the Buwooya Village, Kyegegwa, Kakiri our partner Communities is an amazing experience. Whether you are wanting to organize a trip with your local church or school; or join our team on a missions trip - your life will be forever changed. If you have a group of 10 or more interested in traveling with Mission Trips Uganda - contact us today! Your Mission trip has the option to end with a three-day safari in one of Uganda’s national parks. Safaris are conducted by Zuri Safari Trails, a safari company set-up to give back. A portion of all profits on these safaris go back to support the work of Mission Trips Uganda. See them at;
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Mission Trip Offered By Mission Trips Uganda

Mission Trips Uganda is non-profit organization based in Uganda, East-Africa that focuses on children and families living in extreme poverty in by re-building communities and empowering today’s Children and youth. Mission Trips Uganda rescues vulnerable children and places them in loving families. Our goal is not only to meet their physical needs, but to give them everything they need to become healthy and whole, and live a life of purpose. We focus on providing food, clothing, medical care, education and a safe place they can call home. We give children support and the holistic care in their families that every person needs to thrive.


For those who are able to come for at least 2 weeks, a month or more, you can apply as an individual volunteer to help to reach out the children, the youth and the local communities in Uganda.

For those with building skills, farming, mechanical and other practical skills, you are welcome to pitch in on various sustainability projects. Artists, musicians, film-makers, photographers, social media gurus, we need all the help we can get not only to spread the word about our work in Uganda, but also to help shape the raw talent of our children and the young people in Uganda.

For those who would like to reach out to people with the message of the gospel, we invite you to work alongside our ministry and outreach teams. Whatever your skill, we would love to have you serve with us on our mission ground in Uganda!

We have an application based admissions process for individual volunteers. It helps us better understand who you are and how best to place you. We take into consideration our current needs, your interest, skills, work and missions experience.

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