Bilingual Media Services Specialist (English/Spanish)

Jan - Dec 2022 | TWR International

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Trip #25613

Bilingual Media Services Specialist (English/Spanish)

Trip #25613

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TWR International


United States, North America


Jan - Dec 2022
Lasts 1 year to 3 years


Technical/Professional Skills, Administration & Leadership,


** See Financial Information Below
Agency: TWR International
Location: North Carolina, United States
Dates: Jan - Dec 2022
Lasts 1 year to 3 years
Activities: Technical/Professional Skills, Administration & Leadership
Cost: ** See Financial Information Below
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Have you been feeling Gods call to the nations, but wondering how your skills can help? Use your love for broadcast production and editing to review scripts prior to production and manage file distribution in partnership with our Latin American offices and stations throughout the Spanish-speaking world. You are also needed to coach and train personnel in our production centers in Latin America all towards the goal of reaching the lost world with the message of hope found in Christ alone!

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

This role needs an individual proficient in English and Spanish, with an attention to detail, to review scripts prior to production, edit programs and oversee file distribution to TWR’s media outlets in the Hispanic world. Working alongside colleagues in Latin America, coaching and training will take place so that quality standards for media are attained, with the goal of reaching the lost with the message of hope found in Christ alone.

Core Competencies: Commitment to Jesus Christ evidenced by a personal relationship. Respected among peers for integrity and spiritual walk with God. Excitement about being involved in full-time missions and willingness to develop a team of prayer and financial partners. Has a servant heart and vision for world missions, especially to the Hispanic world. Manages priorities and workflow with attention to detail.

Responsibilities: Facilitate transfer and interchange of audio programs and other media between Ministry Partners, production centers, and media users. Ensure attainment of quality standards by Spanish media produced in the region. Edit written scripts prior to production and edit recorded programs using Adobe Audition. Work closely with the Program Manager to oversee every aspect of program production. Train potential participants in media production taking place in the U.S. Be available to coach and train personnel in our production centers in Latin America.

Desirable Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in communications (or equivalent experience). Bible College preferred. Proficient computer skills in Adobe Audition and Microsoft Office, and be able to quickly learn additional software and programs as needed. Ability to communicate effectively in Spanish and English. Able to work independently with no supervision and excellent organizational skills. Flexible hours which may be outside the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. workweek. Ability and willingness to travel to the Cary office and internationally as needed.

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Additional Trip Information

North America
United States
North Carolina
Other Location Info:
Cary, NC
Participant Age:
College, Adult, Senior Adults
Eligible to Go:
Families, Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
This position is a supported/sponsored missionary role (not a direct-hire job), so the future employee must develop a team of partners who provide financially for his/her full salary and benefits. We provide training, resources, and coaching to help missionaries reach their financial support goals. If you go as a volunteer, you can raise funds for your travel and a per diem to cover meals and lodging.
Training debriefing
Full orientation and debriefing.
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TWR International is a non-profit, global, Christian media organization that creates and distributes audio media over radio (shortwave, AM and FM) and digital media over the Internet in over 300 languages in order to reach the entire world for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced. TWR is looking for technical, creative and business people who want to serve God and bring a message of hope to the world.

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