Home Repair Workcamp - Lexington, NC - July 24 - 20, 2022

July 24 - 30, 2022 | Group Mission Trips


Trip #24973

Home Repair Workcamp - Lexington, NC - July 24 - 20, 2022

Trip #24973


Group Mission Trips Committed to best practice standards - SOE Associate Member


United States, North America


July 24 - 30, 2022
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks


Service Projects & Helps, Community Development, Construction, Camps, Youth Ministry,


** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
Agency: Group Mission Trips
Location: North Carolina, United States
Dates: July 24 - 30, 2022
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks
Activities: Service Projects & Helps, Community Development, Construction, Camps, Youth Ministry
Cost: $486
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
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Lexington is a place families have proudly called home for generations. Yet, over the past twenty years, some alarming changes have come to the area. Elderly and low-income families are struggling to keep up with home repairs. Your group is needed to repair porches, caulk windows, build wheelchair ramps, repair water damage, and more.

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Crew with their resident on new ramp

What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Crew with their resident on new ramp

Community pride runs deep in Lexington. Here, people take time to appreciate each other and to make visitors feel welcome. Priding themselves in more than their hospitable community, Lexington is also known as the "Barbeque Capital of North Carolina." 

Lexington is a place some families have proudly called home for generations. Yet, over the past twenty years, some alarming changes have come to the area. Once a thriving furniture and textile industry, the people of Davidson County have seen employers move away and factories close. 

Many hard-working citizens have suddenly found themselves without jobs. Younger people have left in search of work—leaving a growing elderly population who often find it difficult to take care of themselves and maintain home repairs. You can make a real difference in this community. Bring new hope to an elderly woman whose husband has passed away. Break through the despair of a single mother with five children. Bring a smile to a child whose father has been without work for months. 

Home repair is just part of the story…Your teenagers will share the love of Christ with people by performing much-needed home repairs. They’ll serve as they’ve never served before. And, over six days, you’ll see your young people transformed—their Christian faith deepened.

You don't need to be a construction guru to have a satisfying experience. All you and your youth group need is a willingness to serve the elderly, disabled, or disadvantaged. Typically, you’ll work at a home in small teams (5-6 teenagers with one or two adults) helping someone who needs—and appreciates—your help.

From the moment your group arrives on Sunday afternoon, your teenagers will begin making new friends.

You’ll eat together…worship together…and create new favorite stories. You’ll lift the spirits of a community! All while you’re having the time of your lives.

Everyone serves, each person in an important role. There’s a good chance you and your young people will learn new skills, and we’ll help. Plus, we handle the logistics and details (even the cooking and cleaning) so you and your youth group can focus on growing in your faith. You’ll experience projects like…

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Building or repairing porches and wheelchair ramps
  • Building or repairing steps
  • Weatherization and other home repairs

You’ll applaud the daily programs and devotions. Along with up to 400 other people, you’ll experience high-impact, interactive programs with music, Scripture, video, drama, and hands-on activities…led by a trained youth ministry professional.

And, we've got you well-covered with a trip director, program leader, song leader, and up to 14 additional trained staff to handle project materials, project assignments, office, program multimedia, project site coaching…and more.

Plan now to challenge your youth this summer. Bring your group closer to Jesus at a Group Mission Trip Workcamp.

To explore Workcamp locations, visit GroupMissionTrips.com or call 1-844-258-9616.

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

Groups from many different Christian denominations gather to care for those in need and share their faith through service.

Additional Trip Information

North America
United States
North Carolina
Other Location Info:
You'll be given free time during your service week to see the area around Lexington and take in the sights or explore the culture. We also serve 20 other Workcamp locations around the country. Visit www.groupmissiontrips.com
Participant Age:
Sr. High
Eligible to Go:
Groups [max size 440]
Other Financial Notes:
Included in registration fees outside of room & board:
Project supplies or construction materials, and their delivery to project sites
Camp T-shirt for each participant
Inspirational, faith-building, and fun evening programs and devotional materials
Comprehensive project preparation materials
Program materials
Trip selection, organization, and administration by our professional staff, as well as coordination with local partners
Highly trained mission-minded staff

Adults in excess of the one adult participant for every five students are welcome to attend. We would also encourage additional adults to apply for volunteer roles at camp. Registration fees are waived for volunteers and there are a variety of roles they may be gifted to serve in. Volunteers can find out more information and apply by calling 1-844-258-9616 or visiting our website at http://groupmissiontrips.com/workcamps/.
Training debriefing
Your youth group will receive precamp devotions and meeting agendas to best prepare your youth and adults for the exciting mission trip ahead. Post camp devotions will be made available as well.
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Group Mission Trips is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides Jesus-centered short-term, domestic and international mission trips for youth and adults. Our mission is to serve others through home repair and community service experiences that transform communities and help participants, residents, and partners grow closer to Jesus.

Choose from 3 transformational mission trip experiences:

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