Inspiro Arts Alliance - Incarnate 2022 - Taiwan

August 20 - December 10, 2022 | Operation Mobilization

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Trip #24745

Inspiro Arts Alliance - Incarnate 2022 - Taiwan

Trip #24745

Incarnate - paint palette.jpg

Operation Mobilization


Hungary, Western Europe


August 20 - December 10, 2022
Lasts 3 months to 5 months


Art, Drama, Music & Puppets, Evangelism- Friendship/Discipleship, Prayer/Intercession,


** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
Agency: Operation Mobilization
Location: Hungary, Western Europe
Dates: August 20 - December 10, 2022
Lasts 3 months to 5 months
Activities: Art, Drama, Music & Puppets, Evangelism- Friendship/Discipleship, Prayer/Intercession
Cost: $5700
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals
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Incarnate is a carefully honed program designed by artists for artists who are passionate about seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached and marginalized. Created for artists from all cultures, the experience is intensive, holistic discipleship and ministry training in community with other accomplished artists gathered from around the world.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

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Incarnate cultivates thriving artists and curators who empower vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.Incarnate is for skilled artists of any art form from any culture. We provide mentoring and practical training so you can develop your unique approach as an artist serving the least-reached and marginalized.

Incarnate is an artist’s journey of discipleship, theology, and cross-cultural ministry.  Grow in your skill as an artist and understand the significance of your artistry in God’s eyes.  Learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God.  

You will learn from experienced cross-cultural artists practicing ministry in a variety of contexts while also learning to express, challenge, and encourage yourself and others in new ways through your art form.

The full training is approximately 5 months* and includes:

– One week of online orientation in July
– Two months of study, studio time and community life in Budapest, Hungary (Aug 20-Oct 14)
– Two months of collaborating on community projects with local artists in East Asia (Oct 15-Dec 10)
– Online debriefs after you return home
– Additional personal and arts ministry coaching with a virtual mentor after Incarnate to help you transition to your next steps in ministry (optional)
– Ongoing monthly online gatherings with the Incarnate arts community to continue growing together (optional)

Specific details can be found at

Requirements for joining Incarnate 2022:

  • Skilled in your art form. Formal training is not required, but an audition of your work is required as part of the application process. More information will be provided upon application.
  • Serious about personal growth in your relationship with God. Accountability, spiritual disciplines, and a heart open to challenges and growth are required.
  • Have a passion for global missions and  desire to see the least reached and marginalized experience hope and reconciliation in Jesus by.using the arts and your gifts, as well as a desire to honor and collaborate with other cultures.
  • Readiness to grow in your approach to ministry and learn how to prioritize your strategy based on local community needs. Requires humility and a willingness to learn from others as well as a respect for local leadership
  • Love learning and enjoy working with other people. Artistic collaboration with artists from a variety of backgrounds and cultures is a feature of Incarnate.  
  • Flexible and willing to be creative in a new environment. Adaptability as you create in new ways, adapt to changing and challenging environments, and collaborate with people of different backgrounds.


Incarnate requires somewhat extensive internal processing, reading and writing. Therefore, English levels need to be adequate to complete the required tasks. This will be assessed during the application process.



Please inquire for more information on this outreach.

Please keep in mind that due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, any opportunities with OM could potentially be altered for 2022.  Our placement team will keep you updated with all relevant information relating to changes in opportunities because of COVID-19.


*** IF YOU ARE NOT A US CITIZEN, please go to to choose your country of origin.



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Additional Trip Information

Western Europe
Other Location Info:
Collaboration placements will take place with local artists in East Asia.
Participant Age:
College, Adult
Eligible to Go:
Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
The fee covers room, food, local travel passes, basic art/studio supplies, and cultural excursions for both locations. It does NOT include flights, insurance & any possible vaccinations or visas.

Please contact your home office for more details.
Training debriefing
The first part of this opportunity is training/study time. There will be online debriefs after Incarnate is over and you have returned home.
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Mission Trip Offered By Operation Mobilization

We are watchful of what’s happening around the world. Operation Mobilization USA will continue to prepare you for the field, mindful that this season will pass. We will take you as far in the process as possible, recognizing that there may be roadblocks due to COVID19. We are still 100% engaged in our mission and feel strongly that we have been called to situations like these. We are moving forward prayerfully and with discernment. We are responding to the advice of government and healthcare officials and taking precautions to care for our workers and those we serve. If we hear from our international teams that any opportunities should be postponed or cancelled, we will promptly let you know.

The lives of 3 Billion people alive today will end without them ever hearing the Gospel.
This is not by choice, but simply because they are too remote or denied access. Many also live in the worlds most underprivileged regions, meaning that physical and spiritual poverty are skyrocketing in tandem.

The missions models which served us well for decades can no longer keep pace and therefore we are actively innovating new methods that will change this reality. We SEND and equip believers to go places where Jesus is not yet known. We SERVE those in need with things like medical care, emergency relief, education and job skills. We SHARE by proclaiming the teachings of Jesus, providing discipleship training and supplying resources like bibles.

Our vision is to see a community of Jesus followers within reach of everyone, everywhere.

We know that this task is too huge to do alone, so we invite individuals, churches and other organizations who share our heart for those with little or no access to the Gospel to join us.

Is God calling you to join the movement?

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