Taiwan: Bilingual Church Assistant

Jan - Dec 2020 | WorldVenture

Taiwan street

Trip #22382

Taiwan: Bilingual Church Assistant

Trip #22382

Taiwan street



Taiwan, Eastern Asia


Jan - Dec 2020
Lasts 1 month to 2 months


Bible Studies & Small Groups, Church Planting, Evangelism & Discipleship, Internship, Preaching/Public Speaking,


** See Financial Information Below
Agency: WorldVenture
Location: Taiwan, Eastern Asia
Dates: Jan - Dec 2020
Lasts 1 month to 2 months
Activities: Bible Studies & Small Groups, Church Planting, Evangelism & Discipleship, Internship, Preaching/Public Speaking
Cost: ** See Financial Information Below
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Serve in a bilingual fellowship in a church in Taiwan. Ministry opportunities include leading Bible studies, preaching, participating in small groups, and helping build connections with new seekers.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

*Must be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident.

The intern should have a heart to serve others, a willingness to step out of their comfort zone, and a desire to learn. The intern should be in a ministry education track, either pastoral, missionary or pastoral counseling. Chinese is helpful, but not necessary. Interns with a willingness to try new things and meet new people will thrive in this environment.

As they develop relationships with the members, the intern will be responsible for leading Bible studies in cell groups, joining the pastoral staff in visiting new contacts, encouraging believers to consider evangelism and missions opportunities. If gifted in preaching, they will also be asked to share in bringing God's Word occasionally. They will also have opportunities to socialize with members, and visit other ministries in the area.

Language Needs: Chinese helpful but not required

Living Environment:
The intern will be living in the tropical city of Kaohsiung, a large modern city in southern Taiwan. There are many parks in the city, and many beautiful natural features nearby. Cultural opportunities abound, and the health care system is modern and effective. Most buildings are air-conditioned, and inexpensive food can be found everywhere. During certain times of the year air pollution influenced by Mainland China can be a problem for people with breathing problems.

Working Environment:
The intern will work most closely with the pastors of the Bilingual Ministry. He or she will work in an office with staff from the Chinese ministries of the church as well, and have an opportunity to be a part of the larger church family. The church is cell-group based church, and has a very active worship ministry. It reaches out to other like-minded churches in the city, which will provide the intern with a broad perspective of Christian life in Taiwan. The intern will be able to observe the workings of the larger church as well as the Bilingual Ministry.

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The WorldVenture team in Taiwan is committed to cooperating with a national church association to evangelize and plant new churches among the 97 percent of Taiwanese who do not know Christ. Although recent efforts have focused on Taiwan’s large cities, there is a desire to take the gospel to smaller areas that WorldVenture has yet to enter. Programs for evangelism and outreach at the Morrison Academy, the CB Theological Seminary, the Bamboo Valley Bible Camp and the CB Literature Center are ongoing as well. WorldVenture has been working in Taiwan since 1952.

Additional Trip Information

Eastern Asia
Participant Age:
College, Adult
Eligible to Go:
Other Financial Notes:
The cost of your trip may vary depending on the length of service, airfare etc. Please contact us for more details.
Training debriefing
All interns will be assigned a pre-field mentor who will help coach them through the pre, on, and post-field journey. This typically involves connecting by phone or Skype every few weeks to walk through basic pre-field ministry topics like raising support, safety, ministering cross-culturally ,etc. as well as providing prayer support and guidance through logistics. The intern's mentor will also setup a time to debrief and follow-up after their internship.
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