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Teach English Thailand - no experience needed!

Making English fun

Trip #18643

  • Mission Trip Agency

    World Outreach International

    Offering agency

  • Mission Trip Location

    Thailand, Southeastern Asia

  • Mission Trip Dates

    January 5 - 20, 2019

    Lasts between 1 week to 2 weeks

  • Mission Trip Ministry

    Bible Studies & Small Groups

    Education: Teaching English, Evangelism: Friendship & Lifestyle, Inner City/Urban Ministry, and Service Projects & Helps

  • Mission Trip Cost

    Total : $1,050 - $1,200 (US)

    Includes: Lodging and Meals

With a focus on English teaching, this trip builds partnerships with churches and schools for taking the gospel to unreached people.

Inquire About The Trip

What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Building community through craft Thailand but not as you know it!
Out of the cities and into the provinces, this trip will open your heart and mind to the Thai people and Thai culture. And we'll use English teaching as our tool to help share the gospel.

English opens doors for pastors in Thai churches. English represents the connection to community, acceptance and esteem for bringing this gift to the community.
Our Teach English Thailand teams focus on building the local church with pastors, and to work more positively and openly in their community.

Our journey starts in Bangkok and the few days here will set up the rest of the trip. We’ll spend time going through cultural briefings, team building, and work through our teaching program. We’ll also go through child safety protocols. Whilst in Bangkok, every opportunity will be taken to connect with missionaries and Thai church leaders.
English teaching will be in schools and community settings. Our days will be full and you’ll need plenty of stamina: fun will be your fuel! Ministry to children and churches are also part of the expected team opportunities. You’ll have an opportunity to really stretch yourself in what God asks you to do by sharing testimonies and songs, praying for people you meet, and sharing God’s love and kindness.

We will work with our local mission partners to explore missions in both city and country communities. Some of the work we will do together may include:
• With children and families – kids clubs, teaching English in schools and community centers, music lessons, craft activities, Sunday school, teaching craft and skills to women.
• Youth and young adults – visit a Youth Remand Center, teaching English in universities, coffee shop English classes
• Churches – share testimonies, share the Word, pray for people, get involved in local outreach

Your attitude of ‘yes!’ is the one that is most needed for this team. We go to serve, not to be served. You need to be flexible, open to change, ready to divert from the program… ready for anything.
This trip is open to all ages and especially suited to anyone who wants to learn more about missions in action and how to be further involved through prayer, giving, or going.
Efforts will be made to arrange for the most fruitful exposure possible. These efforts usually involve the local missionaries going out of their way to arrange for activities, events and ministry opportunities for the team. So be prepared:
1. For last minute changes in programs.
2. To minister to anyone whenever an opportunity arises. This could include making simple conversation, praying for a general blessing, praying for specific needs (e.g. healing), sharing a testimony, playing a simple game, etc.
3. To function as a team to help out one another.

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The trip will be coordinated through our mission partners in Bangkok and in rural areas of Thailand. We will see church expressed in many different ways – after-school center, kids club, Youth Remand Center, home churches, coffee shop churches.

Participant Information, Recommendations, Requirements

Participant Age

Sr. High, College, Adult, and Seniors

Eligible to Go

Individuals, Groups [max size 12], Married Couples, and Families


No formal training required.
Previous experience in English teaching would be good to have.
Participants should agree to our Statement of Faith in our Lord Jesus




You’ll go home ready to continue the conversation, ready to play your part to take the Gospel to the ‘ends of the earth’. And when you’re ready, World Outreach would love to assist you to mobilise and develop from within your communities.

Mission Trip Offered By World Outreach International

World Outreach International

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World Outreach International exists to impact Least Reached People groups with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our mission and goals are accomplished through establishing partnerships with the Body of Christ worldwide in order to engage in transformational discipleship among least-reached people groups. A variety of ministry approaches are used to meet specific needs. We are currently ministering among 75 such people groups on five continents and have the goal of impacting at least 20 new ethnic communities every five years. World Outreach International has five major ministry focuses through which the Gospel is being established among Least REACHed People groups: Raising Leaders, Evangelism and Church Planting, All Nations Mobilization, Children’s Ministry, Humanitarian Aid.

Inquire about this Mission Trip

Contact World Outreach International about this short-term mission trip:

Pamela Ledley at World Outreach International

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Mission Trip Details

Location Information

Southeastern Asia
Bangkok and rural provinces


January 5 - 20, 2019
1 week to 2 weeks

Demographics of People Being Ministered To

Children, Young People, Working People, School Children, Adults
People Group(s)
Thai, Tribal
Buddhist, Animist


Funds needed
Total : $1,050 - $1,200 (US)
Included in Cost
Lodging and Meals
Cost is USD and does not include airfares from your home country or within Thailand. Internal airfare of $120 is extra.
Visa costs, if applicable, are additional.
The cost given will be confirmed when dates are finalized.
Amount includes all local ministry travel expenses, all meals and shared accommodation in a budget hotel or church, and host support. Accommodation and facilities may be basic in rural areas.
Travel fares to and from Bangkok and visa fees are your cost.
A non-refundable deposit of $150 will be required to secure your booking.
You will be required to take out travel insurance and to provide evidence of your policy.

Training and Debriefing

Pre-field Training
Post-field Debrief
There will be some pre-trip preparation that will be needed and participants will need to familiarize themselves with the preparation activities. Such activities may include:
1. Familiarising yourself with team preparation materials that are provided after you have joined the team.
2. Reading material that will provide information on the places and people that the team is visiting.
3. Preparing a testimony, a short sharing.
4. Learning some songs, game activities for purpose of interaction.
5. Collecting, cleaning and packing items from donors and friends that can be a blessing to the ministry and people we are visiting.
6. Go through check lists to ensure that all administrative arrangements are made correctly.
7. Skype calls among team leader / members.
8. Undertake a strengths assessment, (or similar) and be willing to discuss with the Team Leader.
9. One day of in-country team briefing and training will also be held at the commencement of the trip.
10. Review and agree to team code of conduct.
In-country debriefing will be held on the final day of our trip. This will be followed up with individual conversations and support when you return home.

Application Information

How to apply
Send an inquiry for details on the application process for this mission trip.
Application Deadline
October 15, 2018