Church Planter and Leadership Development Intern

Mar - Dec 2020 | WorldVenture


Trip #17976

Church Planter and Leadership Development Intern

Trip #17976




Mali, Western Africa


Mar - Dec 2020
Lasts 1 year to 2 years


Church Planting, Internship, Leadership Training, Visitation & Encouragement,


** See Financial Information Below
Agency: WorldVenture
Location: Mali, Western Africa
Dates: Mar - Dec 2020
Lasts 1 year to 2 years
Activities: Church Planting, Internship, Leadership Training, Visitation & Encouragement
Cost: ** See Financial Information Below
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Help accelerate the growth of the church among a least evangelized people in southern Mali through church planting and leadership development.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

*Must be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident.

Male. Be spiritually sensitive, growing in your relationship with the Lord, friendly, willing to live in hot and at times humid and dusty conditions. Have at least a Bible College degree. Be willing to grow, develop, learn and be stretched beyond what you could imagine. Be open to long-term service, willing to travel, take risks, live in hard places, sleep out in villages, mix with the people and if invited be open to stay a second year.

Assist missionaries and national church development by encouraging the development of several beginning churches through spending time with village church leaders. Live in a rural town setting, study language consistently for the first three months. Visit, encourage and minister with beginning national leadership under the coaching of long-term missionaries. Learn and gather or develop leadership training materials.

Language Needs: Learn on Field

Language Used: Senoufo, French or Bambara

Living Environment:
Dry tropics. Live in village housing with some electricity, challenging internet access, tropical fruits and vegetables in season. Even though the living conditions may be take adjustment, the people are very welcoming and interested in what you have to offer.

Working Environment:
On site there are experienced and dedicated, missionaries, WorldVenture and others. There is a dynamic, growing national church among the least evangelized. This is relatively new. Both missionaries and nationals will coach you some but also give you lots of space to succeed through God’s leading and the Holy Spirit’s working. Help shape and develop the future. We need your fresh eyes and ideas. People are regularly coming to Christ from a variety of backgrounds. This is an excellent opportunity to learn beginning rural African leadership development.

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The diverse approaches to ministry in Mali will open many opportunities for creative evangelism and leadership development. The WorldVenture team seeks to use drama and radio programs, computer tech support, photography, as well as study rooms for teaching English-as-a-second-language, to develop redemptive relationships. The team’s mentoring relationships and children’s classes are training believers to be future church leaders who will then train others.

The team’s ministry of translating God’s Word into local languages and teaching people to read will give believers the tools to become fruitful followers of Christ. WorldVenture has been in Mali since 1999.

Additional Trip Information

Western Africa
Participant Age:
College, Adult
Eligible to Go:
Other Financial Notes:
The total cost will depend on many logistics including your length of service, cost of airfare etc. Please contact us for more details.
Training debriefing
All interns will be assigned a pre-field mentor who will help coach them through the pre, on, and post-field journey. This typically involves connecting by phone or Skype every few weeks to walk through basic pre-field ministry topics like raising support, safety, ministering cross-culturally ,etc. as well as providing prayer support and guidance through logistics. The intern's mentor will also setup a time to debrief and follow-up after their internship.
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