English Teaching Outreach, Eastern Chad

Jan 2020; May - Jun 2020; Sep 2020 | WEC International

Some Free Time in Chad

Trip #16034

English Teaching Outreach, Eastern Chad

Trip #16034

Some Free Time in Chad

WEC International Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission


Chad, Western Africa


Jan 2020; May - Jun 2020; Sep 2020
Lasts 6 months to 2 years


Teaching English, Friendship Evangelism, Prayer/Intercession,


** See Financial Information Below
Agency: WEC International
Location: Chad, Western Africa
Dates: Jan 2020; May - Jun 2020; Sep 2020
Lasts 6 months to 2 years
Activities: Teaching English, Friendship Evangelism, Prayer/Intercession
Cost: ** See Financial Information Below
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English classes for up to 15 adults per class last for 10 weeks. Each session is 1.5 hours and meets twice a week.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

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As I write there are many listed opportunities to teach English on shorttermmission.com. The truth is you can teach English in almost any country you desire. Why choose Chad? It’s hard and it’s hot… but maybe you are the one person God is calling there for a time such as this. Watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlK7YthiCVA&feature=youtu.be

Our language centers in Abeche (North-eastern Chad) offer English classes for up to 15 adults per class. Students are from all walks of life: farmers, merchants, soldiers, artists, teachers, doctors, engineers, and government officials. This is a great opportunity to touch different levels of society with the truth of Christ. Courses are offered for beginner through advanced levels, but we never have enough teachers to offer as many classes as are needed. Often students have to wait months to continue to the next level. Come join us to make this ministry an even more effective tool for the truth!

Each course lasts from ten to twelve weeks at a time with a break of several weeks between sessions. Other opportunities through the English program include tutoring high school students in English and participating in the English Club for advanced English speakers. A minimum commitment of four months is needed but six months to a year is even better. Knowledge of French is helpful for a more effective ministry.

Individuals, couples, a family (school-age children would need to be home schooled), and small teams of 3 or 4 are welcome for this ministry.
Responsibilities include:
• preparing and teaching the lesson
• marking homework
• overseeing a final exam
• having a ceremony to hand out certificates

Though we keep a low profile in teaching our English classes, there are some opportunities to share of the Hope we have with our students.

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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

There are many churches but the vast majority operate in Southern tribal languages. There is very little intentional outreach to the unreached people groups. We work in local Arabic and engage with people of many different ethnicities. Chad has well over 100 distinct ethnic groups. Most of those in the northern two-thirds of the country have no known Christians.

Additional Trip Information

Western Africa
Participant Age:
College, Adult, Seniors
Eligible to Go:
Families, Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
Costs of WEC trips are not fixed due to the flexibility we offer. Costs will depend on where you want to go, how long you want to stay and airfare costs.
Training debriefing
Pre-Field Training through activities and reading guided by a pre-field manual followed by orientation training at the WEC HQ near Philadelphia, PA. Debriefing immediately on return of the trip at the WEC HQ. If applying from a country other than the USA, please go to wectrek.org and find the sending country nearest you.
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Mission Trip Offered By WEC International

WEC International is an international (members from 55+ nationalities), interdenominational mission agency. WEC is one of the ten largest church planting mission agencies in the world. WEC endeavours to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the remaining unevangelized peoples with the utmost urgency. WECers plant churches in many countries around the world with locations in Africa, Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and South Pacific. To find out more about WEC International in the USA visit www.wec-usa.org

WEC USA has 3 short term programs: Discovery (individuals or teams that go out up to 3 months; WEC Trek (individuals that go from 3 months – 12 months) and WEC Core (individuals that go for 2 years). If you are looking to apply from another country please check wectrek.org for the sending base in your country.

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