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Serve in Northern India as a Missions Intern! Work with Bible students or village children and youth

A college intern serving in the summer

Trip #14894

  • Mission Trip Agency

    Action International Ministries

    Offering agency

  • Mission Trip Location

    India, Southern Asia

  • Mission Trip Dates

    Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019

    Lasts between 1 week to 3 years

  • Mission Trip Ministry

    Bible Studies & Small Groups

    Education: Teaching English, Evangelism: Friendship & Lifestyle, Internship/Study Abroad, and Sports & Outdoor

  • Mission Trip Cost

    Monthly : $1,000 - $1,200 (US)

    Includes: Lodging and Meals

Come serve with our ACTION India workers who have well established ministries to Bible students, churches and villages. Share your faith and use your spiritual gifts to build up Indian believers.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Another ACTION Intern Apprentice helping with the children in the neighborhood India: -MISSIONS INTERNSHIP-

Overview: There are two ACTION ministry sites in India where interns can go and serve! Both are located in Northeast India and are seeking interns to come for three months at a time to one site, or six months at a time where the intern would serve three months at each site. Read on to learn more about how interns may serve alongside our missionaries.

Q & A with ACTION leaders on-site:

1. What are some ministry tasks that you want the intern to accomplish while serving with you?

Ministry Site #1

Depending on when the interns come, and their interest in each opportunity, here is a list of what they can do:

1. Teach Bible School students
2. Go on mission trips to different places in our city
3. Participate in ministry to village children
4. Share their testimony in youth groups
5. Preach in churches
6. Minister among women

Ministry Site #2

We expect the intern to get involved in these types of ministry we have been carrying on such as:
1. Child Development Program
2. General Education Program
3. Christian Leadership Development Program.
4. The intern can also spend some time in teaching English language to the Pre-Theology students.

2. What are some key lessons from your ministry and walk with the Lord that you want to impart to the interns to help them as they consider their own individual call to missions or vocational ministry?

1. Come to serve, not to save
2. Consider the trip a privilege, not a sacrifice
3. Come to learn, not advise
4. Stress simplicity, not spectacular
5. Stay the course - all the time.
6. Let not circumstances detract you
7. Be disciplined
8. Be a blessing

3. What criteria do you use to measure the effectiveness of an intern serving with you?

• Their willingness to be flexible, listen to feedback, and humbly make changes where necessary
• Their effectiveness will also be evaluated by their involvement with the groups of people they work with and the impression they leave behind

4. Please list specific skills an intern may expect to develop by the time the internship is completed.

• The intern can learn to live in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-religious society and situation. He/she can also learn how to witness for Christ in a cross-cultural environment.
• Interns will improve their communication skills, especially teaching and interacting in small group sessions.
• Some of the work will be with students who aren’t fluent in English so interns will gain ESL skills while teaching them.

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The Living Word Centre is one of the ministries in India that works towards equipping the Church and uplifting the community spiritually, socially, intellectually and economically in the Eastern Himalayan region of India. Interns could serve with this ministry.

The second ministry site is a Bible School which provides Indians and Nepalis basic Christian doctrines and vocational training to help the students stand on their feet and support themselves, especially since some of them are ostracized by their family for their new found faith in Christ. The school was founded in 1954 and therefore has been a long term, well established ministry in this region of India.

Participant Information, Recommendations, Requirements

Participant Age

College, Adult, and Seniors

Eligible to Go

Individuals, Married Couples, and Families


At least one year of Bible college (or equivalent) is preferable, but if applicant does not have this, decisions will be made on a case by case basis.




ACTION is looking for people with the following qualifications to serve in its Short-term Ministry Program:

1. Personally committed to lifelong obedience and service for the Lord Jesus Christ
2. Must be at least 19 years old with one year of work experience, college, or Bible school
3. A growing, maturing Christian
4. Active in their local church (home or college based)
5. Recommended by their pastor and church
6. Teachable
7. Adaptable to other cultures, environments, changing circumstances, etc.
8. Able to accept difficult circumstances
9. A good sense of humor and not easily discouraged
10. Able to accept others’ leadership styles

Mission Trip Offered By Action International Ministries

Action International Ministries

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Action International Ministries (ACTION) is a global mission agency committed to sending multi-national missionaries who treasure Jesus Christ and minister His Gospel in word and deed, primarily to the poor. Our three-prong strategy for urban ministry can be defined under three headings: evangelism, discipleship, and development. The mission currently has over 250 missionaries (and many other team members) in 32 countries. ACTION's prayer target is for 221 additional missionaries to join them in the vital task of world missions, for the glory of God! Our goal is to know God and take action! (Daniel 11:32)

Inquire about this Mission Trip

Contact Action International Ministries about this short-term mission trip:

Kyle Hansen at Action International Ministries

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Mission Trip Details

Location Information

Southern Asia
Northern India, Uttar Pradesh


Start date
Customizable: Jan-Dec 2019
1 week to 3 years

Demographics of People Being Ministered To

Street kids, children in crisis, youth, local believers, national unbelievers
People Group(s)
Agnostics, Hindus, Bhuddists, nominal Christians, unreached peoples


Funds needed
Monthly : $1,000 - $1,200 (US)
Included in Cost
Lodging and Meals
Depending on duration of stay.

Training and Debriefing

Pre-field Training
Post-field Debrief

Application Information

How to apply
Send an inquiry for details on the application process for this mission trip.