Short Term Youth Mission Adventure in Guatemala

Feb - Oct 2020 | Impact Ministries USA

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Trip #14174

Short Term Youth Mission Adventure in Guatemala

Trip #14174

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Impact Ministries USA


Guatemala, Central America


Feb - Oct 2020
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks


Construction, Evangelism & Discipleship, VBS/Bible Clubs,


Approximately $870 to $957
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Travel to and from location
Agency: Impact Ministries USA
Location: Guatemala, Central America
Dates: Feb - Oct 2020
Lasts 1 week to 2 weeks
Activities: Construction, Evangelism & Discipleship, VBS/Bible Clubs
Cost: Approximately $870 to $957
** See Financial Information Below
Includes: Lodging, Meals, Travel to and from location
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Impact Ministries has custom short-term missions trips for Christian Schools and youth groups

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like


God wants to use YOU!!! He is inviting YOU to an experience like no other. A short-term mission trip will cause you to:

Be stretched…

experience the rich cultures of the Central American Spanish and Indigenous people.

Be used …

work under difficult and primitive conditions on Christian Schools, churches and medical teams.

Be humbled…

feel the pain as you serve and assist people who suffer under oppressive and relentless poverty.


Be fruitful…

Walk in the power of God’s Spirit and minister to people in ways that will surprise you.


God wants you to be the hands and feet of Christ. He wants to use you to show the people of Guatemala His “Father” heart in a tangible way. Your participation in evangelism efforts, ministry opportunities and work projects will reflect the compassion of Jesus to people who have physical, emotional and spiritual needs. These efforts will bear much fruit in God's Kingdom.


Participants should understand that this experience is not a holiday. It will consist of many enjoyable experiences and activities; however, our primary focus is to be a “missionary” and to give of ourselves to the people of Guatemala.


Impact Ministries' primary long-term goal is to assist in the development of Christian Education as a means to disciple a generation for Christ. Therefore, construction projects will often be associated with Christian schools and with the churches that support these efforts. We may also undertake other smaller work projects in hospitals or pastors’ homes.

There will be a host of Guatemalans standing by to work alongside on many of these projects. They are a hard working people. They are thrilled and encouraged when we come and provide the supplies and equipment that are needed for these projects. These materials are virtually unattainable for families living at a subsistence level. To them, it is a tremendous blessing when they see our love in such a tangible way.


Children’s ministry sessions (VBS) usually last for 3 days. Each team should develop a program consisting of Bible stories, simple crafts, games, singing, puppet shows, etc.


While in Guatemala, you will be given the opportunity to visit the homes of children in our schools. If you have a sponsor child, we will make every effort to connect you with your child and take you to their home. If you don’t have sponsors on your team, we will select needy families for your team to visit.


While in Guatemala, your team will have the opportunity to visit a public hospital. We will visit the children in the Pediatric Ward as well as the new moms and babies in the Maternity Ward. This is often a stretching experience for team members, but it is always a huge blessing to those we visit.


Your team will also be visiting some, if not all of our schools, our medical clinic and possibly a number of churches. All of these activities are designed to give you a picture of the people we are serving here in Guatemala and also to allow you to bless those working with Impact Ministries.


The team will take time for several "tourist" activities. We will catch a glimpse of the amazing history of Latin America, see the natural wonder of the country, experience the culture as we barter in the market and take photos of unusual sights.


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Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

Impact Ministries focus is on Christian education and training national leaders. We have been working in Guatemala since 2000. The ministry operates seven elementary schools, three junior high schools, and a senior high. There is also a medical and dental clinic attached to our main campus. We currently serve approximately 1,500 children in our schools.

We have seen a great move of God working in the hearts of the people. Our first church plant was started in our first school in 2002 and now numbers around 350 members. Our second church plant started in 2009 and now numbers around 125 people. Our most recent church plant started in 2011 and numbers around 80 people. We are planning a Bible School in the near future where we will be able to train local pastors who cannot get additional Bible training.

Video introduction to region where we work –

Video of ministry in action –

Additional Trip Information

Central America
Other Location Info:
Tactic, Guatemala in Alta Verpaz department. About 4 hours north of Guatemala City
Participant Age:
Sr. High
Eligible to Go:
Groups [max size 24]
Other Financial Notes:
The price quoted above covers all ground transportation, lodging, meals, activities, etc. while you are in Guatemala for a 10 to 11 day trip. Additional costs for the team would include:

Passport and any shots a travel doctor would recommend (Impact Ministries does not require any shots)
VBS materials (crafts, games, etc) for a three day VBS program
Small toys/stuffed animals for visit to pediatric ward of the hospital (about 40 for the whole team combined)
Layettes for visit to maternity ward of the hospital (about 40 for the whole team combined)
Airfare to Guatemala City
Meals to and from US departure city to Guatemala City
Spending money for souvenirs and snacks while in Guatemala (primarily in Antigua at the end of the trip)
Training debriefing
As part of the pre-trip process the team leader will be provided with our short term team manual and trip leader supplement. Both of these guides provide information to help prepare and train the team. A representative from Impact Ministries will also be in communication to help answer questions and make sure the training and preparation is on track. During the trip we have debriefings most days and have a final debriefing while we are in Antigua.
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Mission Trip Offered By Impact Ministries USA

Impact Ministries USA is a sister organization to Impact Ministries Canada who has been working in Guatemala since 2000. Impact Ministries has hosted well over two hundred teams over the 20 years we have worked in Guatemala.

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