Teaching English or Portuguese in East Timor

Jan 2020; May - Jun 2020; Sep 2020 | WEC International

East Timor

Trip #1396

Teaching English or Portuguese in East Timor

Trip #1396

East Timor

WEC International Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission


East Timor, Southeastern Asia


Jan 2020; May - Jun 2020; Sep 2020
Lasts 3 months to 2 years


Art, Drama, Music & Puppets, Friendship Evangelism, VBS/Bible Clubs,


** See Financial Information Below
Agency: WEC International
Location: East Timor, Southeastern Asia
Dates: Jan 2020; May - Jun 2020; Sep 2020
Lasts 3 months to 2 years
Activities: Art, Drama, Music & Puppets, Friendship Evangelism, VBS/Bible Clubs
Cost: ** See Financial Information Below
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Could you teach English or Portuguese to young adults and teenage students? Language teachers are required to expand WEC's Esperança project in Dili.

What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Need for teachers for English, Computers and Portuguese, handy crafts
Through English teaching WEC has helped especially many young people to develop their situations. The courses we offer give them the chance to spend their time in an effective way and some have found jobs because of their language knowledge.
Since 2003 WEC has established a children and youth centre (ESPERANCA – HOPE) in the capital Dili. This is to help children and youth to develop their lives and to model a children and youth ministry to the churches, as there is no such ministry yet by the churches. Here we offer courses for young people as well as children’s programs where they develop their skills and get Sunday school teaching.

WEC East Timor is one of the newest fields of WEC-International and as such still very small. Our vision is to work together with churches and other missions to make Jesus known all over Timor.

As Timor was under occupation for about 400 years (Portuguese 350 and Indonesia 24) there are still many difficulties the country is facing after Independence 1999. WEC has been helping people in East Timor since 1960s with material for the ministry of pastors, sponsor ship for pastors, and a clinic in the interior (15 years).

Since independence a WEC team has come to Timor in 2000 and has been providing seminars for pastors to equip them with basics for their ministry in the kingdom of God.
As the WEC team is very small (4 WECCERs in this ministry) we are very much dependent on people coming short term, to join us in this ministry.

At the moment about 80 – 100 kids join the activities offered regularly and 70 – 80 young people join the language courses.

The minimum time we would like people to stay on the field is one month – the longer the better. We are looking forward to working together to the benefit of the Timorese People and the kingdom of God.

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Additional Trip Information

Southeastern Asia
East Timor
Other Location Info:
Participant Age:
College, Adult, Seniors
Eligible to Go:
Individuals, Married Couples
Other Financial Notes:
Costs of WEC Trek trips are not fixed due to the flexibility we offer. Costs will depend on where you want to go, how long you want to stay and airfare costs.
Training debriefing
Pre-Field Training through activities and reading guided by a pre-field manual followed by a 1 week orientation training at the WEC HQ near Philadelphia, PA. Debriefing for 3 days immediately on return of the trip at the WEC HQ.
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