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When you consider who you are talking to when you pray you realize just how powerful a force is on your side. Change hearts? – yes. Deposit faith?  – yes. Indwelling peace and patience? – yes. Change the weather? – yes. Strength and boldness? – yes.

Prayer before, during and after your mission trip isn’t just a good idea, it is essential. Below are some of our favorite prayer resources, apps and documents that you can take with you and share with your team and supporters. After all if you’re partnering with what God is doing around you, doesn’t that necessitate having an on-going conversation with Him?


  • Prayer Notes Ask, Seek, Knock – Keep track of your prayer requests and answers. Quickly write, review and share prayer requests with others. Journal your prayer journey.
  • PrayerMate  for iphones & androids, helps you pray consistently for the people and causes you care about. Develop a discipline of prayer as PrayerMate helps you organise your prayer life, know what to pray for, and actually pray. Includes adding Operation World prayer requests in daily prayer lists.
  • Unreached of the Day produced by the Joshua Project. Receive stats, a summary of the people group and steps being taking to share the gospel as well as specific prayer points. Click the orange “praying” button to add yourself to running tally of prayers being lifted up for that people group. Browse by country and people group based on where you are traveling to or through.
  • Operation World – Join others in praying for a specific country each day or browse for prayer requests by country based on your travel plans.


  • A Mission Trip Prayer  – Great video to show parents who have youth going on a mission trip.
  • Prayercast Nation Videos – Look for the country that you will be visiting to find a prayer video spoken by a native of the region. See sites of the country to prepare your heart and mind and pray in agreement for the Word of the Lord before you. Most videos are around 3 min. long.


Top Books


  • International House of Prayer – Live stream night and day worship and prayer from God’s Word. This can be great to prepare your heart and mind prior to a mission trip and if you have internet access on site you can stream it while on your trip. It really helps to keep your heart and mind in the right place and to serve from a place of love with your eyes on Jesus.

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