Volunteer in South Africa

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Volunteer in South Africa offers a significant mix of missionary and Volunteer opportunities for Volunteers that are walking alongside God and want to make a meaningful impact in South Africa and Africa at large.

Our Missionary and Volunteer Projects are designed to provide continuous Solutions to help the Less privileged communities of South Africa. We aim to Disciple Children and walk alongside Children and Adults bringing them to their God given Talents. We aim to Create an Environment where people Flourish in their God-Given Gifts and are Encouraged to Pursue their dreams by adding ‘HOPE’ into their lives.
Our Mission Statement At Volunteer in South Africa:
Our purpose is to serve the less Privileged people and children of Africa and South Africa, adding Hope and love into their lives through Sports Development and improving the Education (Education is the future of South Africa/ Africa). We aim to add Hope and Love Into Many less privileged childrens and Adults lives.

Click here, or copy and paste into your internet explorer for further information: https://www.volunteerinsouthafrica.co.uk/about.html

Mission/Vision Statement

“Our purpose is to serve humanity and wildlife by facilitating ways and resources in which people can get involved to help improve ways of living in South Africa and Africa at large. We aim to add HOPE INTO MANY less privileged children’s lives”.

Here’s Volunteer in South Africa’s Vision statement:
Luke 4:18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to Preach the good news to the poor.”

To build a Volunteer Organisation that brings “hope” and is a blessing to Africa and South Africa.
To impact children’s lives with Sports development Projects.
To Partner with other Ministries and provide them with Resources, Finances and Volunteers.
To see lives restored, bringing hope and practical answers to broken humanity.
To Impact the less Privileged Communities of South Africa and Create Ideas for the poorer Communities to get Jobs.
To see people from all walks of life come into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.
To walk alongside the lost and the Broken and bring hope into their lives.
To create a community of people who worship God with passion, bringing fresh sounds and new songs to our Creator.
To provide an environment for the less Privileged where people flourish in their God-given gifts and are encouraged to pursue their Dreams.
To create a family environment within the projects and locations that reaches all generations, empowering each generation to reach their full potential.

Doctrinal Statement

We are an Organisation that is reaching out to Many less privileged people adding HOPE and LOVE into many children and adults lives. 2 of our locations are based on strong Biblical principles and Great Christian leadership (Our Oyster bay Location and Our Zanzibar Location) Each of these locations has a Christ Centred Church at the Ministry and the Ministry runs from the Church.

Then our Cape town location and Game park location are Non denominational (welcoming Christians and other volunteers to join us). Our Cape town volunteers have the opportunity to Join our Kingdom apostolic Church: http://victorychurch.capetown/, And then our Game park Project has a church on the Property yet its currently lacking a Pastor. We welcome you to pray in the beautiful Garden or offer to pray for others.

Our head leadership attends a : Kingdom Apostolic Family Church. Which falls under the Church of the Nations.

Our main mission at Volunteer in South Africa is to reach the lost, adding Hope and Love into their lives, bringing people into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our main aim at Volunteer in South Africa is to make disciples of people and then to continue to walk a road with them in life. Everything in life is built through relationship.

Matthew 28:18 says:
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This is what our Organisation encourages, alongside walking in a friendship relationship with each person that has been baptized.

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