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Overland Missions

Founded 1999

For Christ, we communicate the Gospel emphasizing the New Creation to forgotten people groups in order to transform the most remote places on earth, by making disciples and developing leaders.

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Mission/Vision Statement

Overland Missions exists to take the Gospel of Christ to the most remote and forgotten places on earth. We identify these regions and begin the process to spread the good news of Christ until the Gospel has reached its full effect. This means not just sending a team of missionaries over to preach the Word, but deploying a measurable, accountable and effective strategy to empower the local believers to carry on the mission of spreading the Gospel among them in a sustainable way.

Doctrinal Statement

Overland Missions understands that Christians can come from many different denominational backgrounds. Overland Missions is not affiliated with one specific denomination but works with all full-gospel denominations. We believe that the body of Christ should be strengthened, encouraged and function as a whole.

We attempt to create teams that are well-rounded with members that vary in giftings and backgrounds. This creates a fully functional ‘body’ of believers (as outlined in reference here) to accomplish each expedition. Though this is our inclination, we value unity and sound doctrine above it. Therefore, we ask that you read through our Statement of Faith.

The programs and activities governing the form of worship of OVERLAND MISSIONS, INC. shall be based upon and at all times be consistent with the published creed and beliefs:

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