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OMF International

Founded 1865

God has given OMF International a heart for Asia and the desire to bring his hope to billions. Growing out of the same passion God placed in the heart of our founder, J. Hudson Taylor, OMF International serves the people of East Asia with the love of Christ. Christ's love compels us to touch lives and leave communities beneficially changed.

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Mission/Vision Statement


How we do it:

WE REACH the unreached focusing on strategic people groups in strategic places. We start churches where none exist. We innovatively pioneer in huge cities, towns, villages and remote areas with the message of Christ.

WE CARE for the uncared-for-sick people, alcoholics, the exploited, abused, poor, the prosperous but lonely people, young and old, religious and non-religious. Most of them do not know Christ. We strive to bring them healing and wholeness in Him.

WE WORK with local Christians where the church already exists to share the good news of Christ Jesus our Lord. We preach, teach, encourage, and train workers. We write, translate and publish needed literature that will help communicate the gospel message.

WE'RE COMMITTED to bringing Asians to Christ. We learn their language and culture and try to identify with them and become their friends. We take risks, face hardships, and, in spite of our mistakes, we rest in the faithfulness of God. We trust Him for guid- ance, for success and for all our resources.

WE'RE AN INTERNATIONAL TEAM of men and women committed to sharing and showing the love of Christ to East Asians. We believe the Bible is God's Word, and understand that sin is a universal problem. We pray and work in the power of the Holy Spirit to spread the only answer to that problem: Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.

Doctrinal Statement

OMF International: WE BELIEVE

WE BELIEVE in the one, holy, sovereign, creat- ing and redeeming God, eternally existing in three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE in the divine inspiration, the entire trustworthiness of the Bible, its infallible teaching and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct, and its normative value for all people, at all times, in all cultures.

WE BELIEVE that all people without distinction are made in the image of God, but all are now sinners and have incurred both God's holy wrath and their own shame and guilt. All are therefore in utter need of redemption.

WE BELIEVE in Jesus Christ our Lord, the incarnate Son of God, uniquely God-man and the only Savior. We believe in His virgin birth, sin- less life, sacrificial death, bodily resurrection and ascension. We believe He has achieved the final defeat of Satan and all evil powers.

WE BELIEVE in the justification of sinners by God's grace, through faith in Christ alone.

WE BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit and in His convicting, regenerating, sanctifying and reviving work. He guides and empowers individuals
and churches in their service to God and man.

WE BELIEVE in the unity and priesthood of all believers who together form the one, holy, universal, apostolic church.

WE BELIEVE in the visible, personal return of Jesus Christ in power and great glory to judge both the living and the dead. We believe that the Scriptures set out only two destinies for humanity: the joyful prospect of eternal life in the presence of God for those who have received Christ, and the agonizing prospect of eternal separation from God for those who have rejected Him.

As an evangelistic agency in fellowship with local churches in many countries, we are called to be a worshiping, praying, caring fel- lowship committed to worldwide evangelism. We rejoice in our partnership with local churches on all continents, and pray that God will make us a humble, vigorous, attractive fellowship, bringing the good news especially to those who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

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Phone Numbers:

Toll-free: 800-422-5330
Phone: 720-307-4854
Fax: 303-730-4165

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OMF International
10 West Dry Creek Circle
Littleton, CO 80120


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