Oasis of Hollywood

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An outreach ministry to under served children and teens in the Hollywood area. To train individuals and groups in practical evangelism that can be transplanted back home.

Mission/Vision Statement

The Oasis is a Christian based ministry reaching out to at-risk children and teens, ages 5-19.
Our mission is to build mentoring relationships to support healthy development academically, emotionally and spiritually. The Oasis provides a safe and positive alternative environment, nurturing diversity with all ethnic groups.
Through a variety of programs inner city youth are encouraged and equipped to meet their goals and dreams and directed away from destructive lifestyles such as gangs and drugs.

Doctrinal Statement

We believe:

Each child is special and given the right opportunities and hope, their lives can be productive and successful! We can change the next generation….one child at a time!

* In the inspiration by God of the Holy Scriptures
* In the trinity of the eternal God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit)
* In the deity(being fully God) of our Lord Jesus Christ
* In the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit
* In the natural depravity of the human race without God
* In the payment for sin only by the blood of Christ Jesus
* In full salvation by grace through faith and not by works
* In water baptism by immersion at an age of accountability
* In the personal, literal coming of Jesus Christ

In Essentials – UNITY In Non-Essentials – LIBERTY In All Things – CHARITY

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