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Mustard Seeds & Mountains

Founded 1992

Mustard Seeds & Mountains is a Christian relief and development agency based in Appalachia, reaching out to those in McDowell County, West Virginia. We live among the people and by representing Christ as we minister to their needs, we seek to lead them to a point where God is central in their lives. Each year, Mustard Seeds hosts hundreds of volunteers who come on mission trips in order to serve "the least of these." Our goal in hosting is to provide opportunities for volunteers to serve physical and spiritual needs in our community, in addition to challenging volunteers to live "on mission" after they return home.

Mustard Seeds & Mountains has no currently published short-term mission trips.

Mission/Vision Statement

Our mission is to see the reign of God established in the lives of people, families and communities throughout His world.

Doctrinal Statement

• We believe the scriptures to be the final word in doctrine and practice and infallible in the original languages.

• We believe in one God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

• We believe that God has created each individual as a person in their mother's womb and their gender is not subject to being altered by the choice of the individual.

• We believe that marriage is a covenantal relationship between one man and one woman and that God's design is that sexual relations should not be exercised outside of marriage.

• We believe in the fallenness of humankind and its total inability to bring about salvation itself.

• We believe that the substitutionary death of the sinless, virgin born, Jesus Christ is the only means for reconciling humankind to God and atoning for sin.

• We believe salvation is by grace through faith and that it is evidenced by works of righteousness and obedience.

• We believe that everyone who has been saved is responsible to work toward evangelization of the world and the spread of the Kingdom of God and its values upon the earth.

• We believe that Jesus Christ will physically return and gather unto Himself His church, judge the world and bring about His reign upon the earth.

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Phone: 304-862-4643

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PO Box 686
Northfork WV 24868