Love Never Fails International

Love Never Fails International is a Christian Ministry that facilitates short term mission trips to India. Over 3,000 people like you have visited the work of LNFI in India. Coming to India with LNFI you’ll get to be part of a ministry that has impacted over 50,000 children’s lives in poverty. On your mission trip with us, will visit our headquarters in Maharashtra, India. Where over 100 children in our programs live. Our dedicated staff are local Indians who know the land and are there to serve you and make sure you’re trip is safe, fulfilling, and full of time with the children that comes to our program center where you will volunteer.

Here are a few testimonies from our mission trip alumni:
“I went to India thinking they needed me and I would help them. But I soon realized, the love and care the LNFI staff and children poured out was what my soul and spirit needed. I was the one that needed help most and I found it in India.” Jane from Montana

“To come and see the work of Love Never Fails taking in street children that are now living transformed healthy lives full of joy was mind blowing.” Jacob and Sarah from Missouri.

“The U.S. staff and the field staff were fantastic in making sure we were always safe, the accommodations were excellent, and we never went hungry. Visiting the child development centers was a life changing experience and you will never understand how much your sponsorship and letters do for children unless you experience it for yourself. Worth every penny and more.” Jim from Florida.

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