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Zimbabwe Community Agriculture Project

Help us install a drip-irrigation system to create a community garden. This will help villagers making maximum use of the well which Unto drilled early this year so that they can feed their families.

Offered by: Unto

Start date: Apr 2021


Zimbabwe Community Agriculture Project

Last year drought made it difficult for many in rural Zimbabwe to grow crops. This team will work in a village to install a drip irrigation system and create a community garden.

Offered by: Unto

Start date: Oct 2020


Middle East Vision Clinics

There are millions of refugees in the Middle East right now. We will carry out an eyeglass clinic for locals and refugees.

Offered by: Unto

Start date: Mar 2021

ELSMAR19 2.jpg

Panama Vision Clinics

Volunteer with Unto to serve people in Panama by providing them clear eyesight through eyeglass clinics.

Offered by: Unto

Date: January 16 - 24, 2021


Tanzania Vision Clinics

Our team will travel to rural villages to hold eyeglass clinics. We will meet with people one-on-one to assess vision and provide glasses. As we spend time with them, we can show the love of Jesus.

Offered by: Unto

Date: September 30 - October 14, 2020

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