Internship Mission Trips: Colombia

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Our 2012 Interns at debrief

Customizable Internships and Short-term trips

We have short-term trips and internships from 2 weeks to 5 months on most of our Latin American fields and in Senegal. Let us know your interests and we will help find you the perfect fit to serve.

Offered by: Avant Ministries

Start date: Feb - Dec 2021

A short-termer sharing her testimony while at church in Colombia

Colombia is a country that has charm, beauty, and love. Join our missionaries and share Christ!

Interns would come work alongside a veteran missionary to minister to children at risk and the urban and rural poor through street evangelism. This ministry reaches out to over 200 people weekly.

Offered by: Action International Ministries

Start date: Jan - Dec 2020


Trip 1-2 of 2 found

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