Five tips for getting more people to look at your trips.

Need some ideas on how to get more people to look at your trips?

  1. Use interesting, specific wording. Good wording is everything. Make sure your trip titles and descriptions use specific, creative and interesting words. Try different ways of saying things and see how your trips do when you change the wording up, especially on ones that seem to gain little interest.
  2. Add quality ministry-engaging pictures. People would much rather look at pictures of people engaged in ministry or pictures that show the actual place you will serve than the default map we add if you don’t add pictures. Also, avoid making your picture look too touristy. People are looking for real ministry and your picture can show that in a way that appeals to both the emotions and needs of your trip. Our society is very visual oriented so if you do not have any pictures with your trips, you are missing a key element for drawing more interest.
  3. Promote and appeal to the type of ministry applicants needed. Are you looking for people great with children or people skilled for construction projects or maybe sports? Put that in your titles and headlines. Are you looking for individuals or groups? Put that in your description. Are you looking for college age or youth only? Medical? Dental? The search categories that you choose are good for that, but it also helps to add it to your description to appeal to those searching for those specific keywords as they look through the trips.
  4. Be creative. Try emphasizing key elements with headlines and descriptions; highlight dates, places and results of ministry. If you offer many trips mainly on spring break or in the summer, emphasize those time periods. Your ministry may have trips for only a particular area or time frame, or particular type of ministry, make sure your trips emphasize that in your titles and description. (Examples: “Serve in Seattle on Spring Break” or “Come serve orphans in Uganda in need of discipleship” or “Teach English to Muslim women who need the gospel”, “Serve this summer in our day camps ministering to children and teens with special needs.”
  5.  Don’t make all your trips look the same. If when you pull up the list of your trips offered they all have the exact same information, titles and look duplicated, you are less likely to get new participants, especially if you have not changed the way you have presented and worded your trips in years. Even if your trips are basically the same, listing them each separately with new and specific wording can help narrow people’s searches. Example: highlight the date on one headline, highlight the type of ministry on another, and/or highlight the type of participants you are looking for. Remember good wording is everything!

It is a good idea to yearly check your information that is published and ensure that all contact information is correct and current.  Also check information in the account control panel on who receives trip notices and expiration dates, etc. These are details you need to keep current if you have any personnel changes in who is updating your trips. If you need help with a username or other information please contact us.

If you need assistance, please email Dani Cypert, our Customer Service Director, at [email protected] or call 479-310-5220 (please leave a message).

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