Low Response to emails

Have you wondered why inquirers sometimes never respond to your email?

Have you wondered why inquirers never get back to you?

Here is some might say:

Respond quickly, while I am still thinking about it! 

If you don’t have time to talk, why did you invite me to inquire?! Quick replies are essential, and replies that pique my interest really help. If you respond same day, I will remember you.

Be personal – don’t give me a form letter! I’m a human being!

I know you can’t re-write everything just for me, but at least personalize the first and last sentences around your standard reply. What you say will interest me more that the brochure you send.

A three page PDF is overload!

I was hoping for a “hi”, and more about you, and a couple interesting tidbits about the mission trip. The application is better later, or give me the link to where it is on your website.

Email, Facebook, Twitter or mobile?

Sorry, but for some of us, emails are like handwriting a letter. My grandma does that.

I text, and maybe answer my cell, if I recognize the number.

You might ask how I prefer to interact, or offer me medium options.

by David Armstrong, Executive Director, Mission Data International.

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