Survey of Services Used by Mission Trip Providers

Need a travel agent or have a question about insurance or screening for your mission team?

A 2017 survey of ministries listing their mission trips with asked about their use of travel agencies, insurance providers, and background check services. Fifty-one ministries responded to the survey.

Using a Travel Agency

  • 37% make their own travel arrangements (19 groups)
  • 4% use a local, in-town travel agency to make arrangements (2 groups)
  • 59% use one or more of the travel agencies listed in the report (30 groups)

Survey respondents mentioned one travel agency was mentioned more than any other: Raptim Humanitarian Service was mentioned by 11 of these ministries. There are, however, quite a few other travel agencies that specialize in serving mission teams.

Purchasing Travel Insurance

  • 27% do not use a specific company; some of these do not require travel insurance, while others require participants to arrange it (14 groups)
  • 73% said they use one or more of the companies listed below (37 groups)

Top insurance companies mentioned include Good Neighbor Insurance, International Medical Group, and Seven Corners.

See also a related article on Buying Insurance.

Background Check Services

  • 33% do not require background checks (17 groups)
  • 4% require churches/partners to do background checks of participants (2 groups)
  • 63% conduct background checks using one or more of the services or resources below (32 groups)

The top background check organization mentioned was Protect My Ministry.

See a downloadable pdf of the full report with links to service providers here:  ShortTermMissions survey results

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