Frequently Asked Questions about the Agency Control Panel

Username and Passwords

  • I am having trouble logging into my account.

Make sure you are using both the correct username and the correct password for your account.  

Make sure you have the correct spelling and are using the exact upper or lower case letters. Also make sure you didn’t put spaces or dashes between the words or parts of your logon. It is a great idea to keep your username and password in a password safe and copy and paste to eliminate errors.

  • I have lost my password.

On the sign in page, click on “Have you forgotten your password” and you will be able to enter your username to trigger a new password to the email you have listed.

  • I logged in and reset my password, but did not receive an email with a new password.

The email address which a new password is sent to is the one listed in your “Contact Information” in your agency’s Account Control Panel. It is also possible that the email with the new password has been caught by your spam folder. If you still cannot find the email please contact us at [email protected].

  • I tried repeatedly to log in, but I am still locked out.

If you have forgotten your username you will need to contact Customer Service at [email protected] They can give you your username so that you can reset your password.

  • We have changed personnel and cannot get into our account with former employee login information.

We can set you up as the new administrator with your own login information. Please contact Customer Service. If you have a Premium package, the main administrator can also set up new personnel in the Contacts Tab by adding new contacts or editing old ones.

  • I want to change my username.

Login with current username and edit your information in the Contacts Tab under your name. You can change your email, phone number, username or password here.


  • My trips are not visible on the Public side of the website.

Verify in the Agency Control Panel that after editing the trip information you have set the trip status to “publish”. The colored dot in front of the trip title should be green and not red.  Also verify that all fields which are marked “R” (required) have data in them.

  • I keep getting a red error statement at the top of the page when I try to save changes to our trip information.  

The red error box at the top of the page will tell you in which tab there is a problem. In that tab you should see a statement in red telling you which data is missing.

A common problem is the expiration date. Check to see that the expiration date is set for before the date on which the trip begins for Exact Dates. On Customizable Dates the expiration date is automatically set to the last day of the last month you checked.

  • The changes I made don’t show when I look at the trip on the front side.

First, refresh your browser and delete your cache. Go back into your Account Control Panel in the Trip Manager Tab and make sure there is a green dot in front of the trip title which shows that it is “Published”. If the dot is red it did not publish for some reason. Go back and double check information in each box.

  • Should I choose the Customizable Date or a specific Date for my trip description?

For this and other related questions, see tips articles: Entering Opportunities: Six Steps to Getting Started and Entering Opportunities: Helpful Tips

Pictures and Other Features

  • My pictures are not showing. 

Did you associate the pictures with your particular trip? Were you successful in uploading a picture per our guidelines? See Tips for Loading Pictures . 

  •  How do I use the duplication feature?

If you have several opportunities that are similar, enter one basic trip, save it, and then click the “duplicate” icon to the right of the trip name on the Trip Manager page. This creates a duplicate copy of the trip. Open the duplicate copy and modify the details and dates that are different for the new trip. Be sure and change some information to make sure all your trips do not look the same in order to create more interest, including title or description words.

  •  Why can’t I add a live link or video to my trip information? After a person reads through your information, our goal is to get them to inquire about your trip. We want them to send you their name, email address and phone number. For that reason, we do not provide a place for live links to your videos, website information pages or YouTube. We increased the number of inquiries by 30% when we made this change.

Trouble receiving Inquiries or trip expiration emails

  • Not receiving inquires or they are going to the wrong email.

Check your spam folder first and make sure your email allows auto emails from Check in your Account Control Panel to see if the trips include the correct email address and do not contain any errors. Contact us if this is a continued problem.

  • Our email inquiries are going to the wrong email address. How can we change that?

The email inquiries go to the person listed as the contact for that trip. You can change the listed contact in your Account Control Panel in the Trip Manager tab on each trip to have the inquiries for that trip go to another person.

  • Is it possible to have the inquiries sent to more than one person?

Yes, on the new revised site you can select up to 3 people to have the inquiries emailed to.

  • Where do I change the contact number, website address or main email that is showing on my public page?

You can change these in the “Organization Info Tab” for the main contact which shows on your organization profile page.


  • I am not receiving monthly reports, renewal invoice notices and other important emails from

Contact us with the email of the person or persons who should be getting these. Once again, it is always good to check your spam folder just in case they ended up there.

  • There are differences in the numbers of inquiries on your report and what I have received. Could I have missed some?

Contact customer service concerning this and we can check on those.

  • When is my subscription renewal date? Can I change my listing package?

It should show at the top of the home page in your Agency Control Panel. If it does not, or you would like to upgrade your package please contact customer service. Reminders are sent out one month prior to due date.

If you are receiving an application error or other error message not covered on this list please contact [email protected]

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For other problems or questions please contact Customer Service, [email protected], or 479-310-5220.

Thank you,

The Team

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