Tips for Uploading Pictures

Adding pictures to your trips generates greater interest. You can add 2 pictures per trip.

Here are the basics:

  • Always use quality photos
  • You must own the copyright or have secured rights to use the photo. If you are using a copyrighted photo, you must give credit on the photo and document your right to use it. See: DMCA PolicyCautions About Using Stock Photos
  • Pictures need to be in either jpg or png format and need to be at least 600 pixels wide. (Large pictures will automatically be resized to 1200 x 900 pixels. The main photo for a trip should be horizontal and at least 600 x 450 pixels in dimension.)

To upload photos

You can do it two different ways:

Login to the control panel and choose “Picture manager” to add photos or as you add trips use the photo tab to add some for those trips. First, go to the “Picture Manager” tab and click on box to “drop” or “Upload Pictures.” See example below:

To associate pictures with a specific trip, go to the “Trip Manager” tab and select the camera icon to the right of the trip title. choose the trip you have just added and go to “Pictures” tab and choose “add pictures from gallery.” You can also add pictures as you are adding trip information to a new trip if pictures are in your gallery. Be sure to click “Update” every time you make a change. Make sure to preview your trip and see how it looks.

Ideas to help you get eye-catching quality pictures:
  •  Action shots showing the emotions and commitment of your mission are always best. Think 5 senses. Photos that communicate the sights, smells, touching moments, facial expressions, and uniqueness of your trips.
  • Capture people engaging in ministry rather than passive objects or overly posed pictures.
  • Try a different camera angle, higher or lower, less background.
  • Take some focused close-ups that would make you pause and look.

Ways to obtain photos without going there yourself

1. Email recent participants to send you their best 4 pictures.

2. Ask your field missionaries to send you engaging pictures of nationals and common activities of life in that particular country/ region.

*If you are a new organization or have updated your logo recently, email your agency logo to Customer Service so we can add it to your page.

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