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Survey of Services Used by Mission Trip Providers

Leaders Share Tips and Tools for Travel, Insurance and Background Checks

By Community

Need a travel agent, or have a question about insurance or screening for your mission team? A recent survey of ministries listing their mission trips with asked about their use of travel agencies, insurance providers, and background check services. Fifty-one ministries responded to the survey.

Using a Travel Agency

  • 37% make their own travel arrangements (19 groups)
  • 4% use a local, in-town travel agency to make arrangements (2 groups)
  • 59% use one or more of the travel agencies listed in the report (30 groups)

Survey respondents mentioned one travel agency was mentioned more than any other: Raptim Humanitarian Service was mentioned by 11 of these ministries. There are, however, quite a few other travel agencies that specialize in serving mission teams.

Purchasing Travel Insurance

  • 27% do not use a specific company; some of these do not require travel insurance, while others require participants to arrange it (14 groups)
  • 73% said they use one or more of the companies listed below (37 groups)

Top insurance companies mentioned include Good Neighbor Insurance, International Medical Group, and Seven Corners.

See also a related article on Buying insurance.

Background Check Services

  • 33% do not require background checks (17 groups)
  • 4% require churches/partners to do background checks of participants (2 groups)
  • 63% conduct background checks using one or more of the services or resources below (32 groups)

The top background check organization mentioned was Protect My Ministry.

See full report with links to service providers.