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Kenya Orphan Concert Tour Medical Camp & Germany Debrief July 17-30


Trip #10406

  • Mission Trip Agency

    COMMIT Ministries International

    Offering agency

  • Mission Trip Location

    Multiple Countries, Multiple Regions

  • Mission Trip Dates

    July 17 - 30, 2018

    Lasts between 1 week to 2 weeks

  • Mission Trip Ministry

    Art, Drama, Music & Puppets

    Construction, Medical/Healthcare, Orphan Care, and Service Projects & Helps

  • Mission Trip Cost

    Total : $4,485 (US)

    Includes: Lodging, Meals, and Travel to and from location

Team member fee is $4485 and includes airfare! Help with a Christian concert tour, host 2 medical camps, and 2 days of reflection in the Black Forest of Germany.

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What the Mission Trip Will Be Like

Germany YOUR $4485.00 trip fee includes RT air travel! This opportunity is open to everyone! The team member fee also includes lodging, most meals, ground transportation, medicines for the outreach, a daytime animal Safari, and materials related to the project. Our team will travel with professional Christian recording artists who are booked to perform in various communities and larger venues in Kenya. Our team will also assist with on-going construction needs for a dormitory at a school for orphans in the mountains of Western Province. Our team works alongside locals helping to provide the labor to make concrete blocks, dig the foundation, and do whatever it is that we can to make this dream a reality. We will also host at least one community-wide primary care medical camp with oversight from the Ministry of Health. You will also take part on a day time safari to see the animals at one of the famous Kenya game parks. Experience is not required. Once we have completed the mission, the team will debrief in Nairobi before heading to the Black Forest to stay in Triberg for a couple of days, one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Relation of Opportunity to National Church and/or Long-term Goals

The schools were serve were originally started by local churches in Kenya. We continue to work with these churches, their respective community leaders, and the community of parents in order to provide much-needed secondary schools, mostly for orphaned children.

Participant Information, Recommendations, Requirements

Participant Age

Elementary, Jr. High, Sr. High, College, Adult, and Seniors

Eligible to Go

Individuals, Groups [max size 85], Married Couples, and Families


No experience is necessary; we'll train you. Young people under the age of 18 need to have parental or guardian approval or preferably, be accompanied by a parent. Prefield training is required for participation on any team and will be done by correspondence. Previous short term experience is helpful but like construction experience, it is not required.


English, but Ki-Swahili is always a plus but not necessary since most speak English quite well.


If you have medical experience and/or are able to instruct in the areas of sanitation and HIV/AIDS awareness or simply love to be of help to disabled children, please apply; we need you too! Teaching opportunties exist as well. Long-term opportunities are available to our pre-qualified short-termers at the schools we serve for up to one year in duration.

Mission Trip Offered By COMMIT Ministries International

COMMIT Ministries International

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COMMIT is a church mobilization ministry assisting the local church through the provision of short-term ministry opportunities, short-term trip training, and the use of appropriate academia in order to prepare to serve.

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Contact COMMIT Ministries International about this short-term mission trip:

Gregory Crawford at COMMIT Ministries International

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Mission Trip Details

Location Information

Eastern Africa
Western Europe
The work site location for the school is located among the Luhya Tribe in Shivagala, a small community near Kakamega in Western Kenya which is located north of Lake Victoria and just east of the Uganda border. The medical outreach is located in the same or similar community...there are seven we serve.


July 17 - 30, 2018
1 week to 2 weeks

Demographics of People Being Ministered To

Orphans, Disabled Children, Widows, Single Parents, Families, Teens, Children
People Group(s)
Luhya Tribe
Christianity is the predominant religion in Kenya though there is a heavy Islamic influence. The neighboring countries are mostly Muslim.


Funds needed
Total : $4,485 (US)
Included in Cost
Lodging, Meals, and Travel to and from location
Trip fees also includes RT airfare from most major US and North American airports as well as most airports outside of North America, hotel and private lodging, medicines for the outreach, professional clinic assistance, fees for the game park and resort, debriefing expense, travel to and within Triberg Germany, most meals, some of the material cost related to the construction projects, lodging and ground transportation in Kenya and Germany, rail travel in the Black Forest, and air travel in Europe. Additional team member costs include a passport, Kenya visa ($50), daily fluids (water, soda, etc), travel/health insurance (about $2.50 a day), and roughly $250-$350 additional for spending money and any gifts you may wish to purchase before going home.

Training and Debriefing

Pre-field Training
Post-field Debrief
Pre-field training is provided and required of all team members. Debriefing takes place in Kenya before leaving for Germany for two days of reflection in the Black Forest.

Application Information

How to apply
Send an inquiry for details on the application process for this mission trip.
Application Deadline
May 20, 2018

Other Information

The team will participate on a daytime safari at the Nakuru or Nairobi Game Park before the group travels to Stuttgart Germany and then on to Triberg Germany by car for 2 days of reflection before returning home. This is a very rewarding, God-serving experience; this trip will change your life!