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StoryRunners, a CRU ministry

Founded 2003

StoryRunners 6900. That’s how many languages exist in the world today; more than 2,000 of them are Bibleless. The mother tongue speakers of these languages pass down their culture and history through stories and songs, yet most of them have never heard the most important story, the story the Bible tells. They've never heard even ONE Bible story. Our Vision Our vision is to help people in 500 Bibleless languages hear the gospel in a way they can understand it. Our standard set of 42 chronological Bible stories tell the gospel from Creation to Jesus' Return. Each new story set translation takes 5 weeks. A 3 person team of StoryRunners trainers lead a School of Storying coaching Christian mother tongue speakers to adapt, record and use the stories. We test and refine each story six times so each one is biblically accurate, orally reproducible, naturally told, and culturally appropriate. Story groups form―sometimes after hearing JUST ONE STORY―as people hear the Word of God. Like a Bible study, people gather together to hear and learn more about Jesus and new house churches begin. One storyteller in Benin shared, “If I go up to someone and try to tell them about Jesus, they will turn me away. But if I ask if they want to hear a story, they respond that they’d love to!”

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