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Casas por Cristo

Founded 1993

Casas por Cristo relies on the labor and resources of full time staff missionaries, a board of over 150 pastors and community leaders from Juárez and Acuña, México; San Raymundo, Guatemala; and Santiago, Dominican Republic and nearly 7,000 annual volunteers from across North America. Through these cross-cultural partnerships, volunteer teams are presented with an amazing opportunity to build a home for a family in need. In just one week teams transform an otherwise empty lot into a safe and secure home - complete with cement foundation, electricity, windows and doors. As a result of this experience, each family receives a tangible symbol of the faithfulness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ. As volunteers gain perspective on the extreme poverty that exists in our world, so do these families better understand God's plan for their lives and His deep desire to take care of their needs.

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Mission/Vision Statement


Casas por Cristo is more than a humanitarian organization. While building homes is what we do, our core mission is to reach the people of México, Guatemala and the Dominican with the love of Jesus Christ. Our ministry is about bringing hope to families in need. It's about a God that loves His children so much that He sends strangers to build them a home with no strings attached. It is our prayer that each individual we serve will know the saving grace, peace, and joy that comes only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We will always strive to:

*Act with honor and integrity, offering ourselves as examples of Christ.

*Treat those we serve as children of God, with dignity and respect.

*Build homes that meet the physical needs of the individuals we serve.

*Demonstrate quality and excellence in every aspect of our ministry.

*Strengthen Christ’s church by the gospel to non-believers and strengthen the faith of believers.

Doctrinal Statement

Our Faith

* We are committed to our neighbors – the people of México, Guatemala and the Dominican. We will treat them with respect and dignity, as brothers and sisters in Christ. We will serve them in a Christ-like manner. We will strive to build them homes of quality and durability.

* We are committed to our neighbors – our volunteers. Volunteer teams are presented with an opportunity to build a home for a family in need. We will work as servant-leaders, teaching team members about the local church, the community, the culture, and the skills used on the work-site. We will encourage and empower those who have chosen to serve our God, the Mexican and Guatemalan people, and the ministry of Casas por Cristo.

* We are committed to our neighbors – the pastors of México, Guatemala and the Dominican. While meeting the physical needs of the families, it is our prayer that our work allows local pastors the opportunity to better meet the spiritual needs of their communities. We will work as servants for their ministries. We will follow their lead and defer to their knowledge of the community. We will look for their guidance in meeting the needs of our neighbors.

* We are committed to our neighbors – Christ’s Church. We exist to fulfill the Great Commission . . . to spread the Gospel to all nations. We will work as servant-leaders and join with local pastors to minister to our communities. We will disciple our staff members, interns, team leaders and volunteers, teaching them about the community, the culture, work-site skills and leadership. We will work as brothers and sisters who follow a risen Lord, acknowledge His grace in our lives, and work for one another.

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Phone Numbers:

Toll-free: 800-819-8014
Phone: 915-778-0046
Fax: 915-778-0086

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Mailing Address:

PO BOX 971070
El Paso, TX 79997


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