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Cafe 1040

Founded 2001

There are 2.9 billion people who have little to no access to the story of Jesus. Cafe 1040 exists as an organization to see that number drastically changed. Through our overseas mentorship in some of the most difficult places in the world, we’re empowering the emerging generation of missionaries to engage the mission of God and tell the story of Jesus where it has never been told.

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Mission/Vision Statement

Café 1040 is a 3-month intensely experiential training program inside the 10/40 Window for Christian college students and recent graduates to expose them to the potential of missions to the unreached world.

Through this semester long program abroad, they will study language, culture, history, religion, and technology. They will be exposed to field survival, cultural immersion, people groups and topographies of Arabia. This training is hands-on, real-world training to prepare and expose them to a possible calling/career in missions.

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Doctrinal Statement

Statement of Faith
We believe …

The Scriptures
The Bible is the inspired Word of God. In its original languages it is without error. With the help of the Holy Spirit, scripture is understandable to all believers and authoritative in life.

There is one God who exists in three distinct persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Jesus Christ is the Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father. He became flesh, being born of the Virgin Mary and conceived by the Holy Spirit. He lived a completely sinless life, died on the cross, and was raised to life on the third day. He will personally return to earth to judge the living and the dead. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son and lives within each believer. He regenerates, counsels, convicts, and is the seal of salvation.

We believe that man was created in the image of God to have fellowship with Him, but became alienated from that relationship through sinful disobedience. As a result, man is totally incapable of restoring right relationship with God by his own effort.

We believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross provides the sole basis for the forgiveness of sins. Therefore, salvation only occurs when a person places their faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as the sufficient payment for their sin.

The Church
The church is the body of Christ of which Jesus Christ is the Head. The members are those who have trusted by faith the finished work of Christ. The purpose of the Church is to glorify God by loving Him and by making Him known to a lost world.

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