full details on short-term mission trips (1wk to 3yrs)
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Pam Draper

Post Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2004 5:41 pm Post subject: Son wants to go to Egypt on STM Reply with quote

Hi - we are planning to send our son on a STM trip with Teen Missions this summer and asked him to pray about where the Lord would have him to go. TMI asks you to select your top 7 choices from an extensive list. I am very excited about him going but a little concerned about him being in a predominately Muslim country without any contact for 3-4 weeks. This is his first missions trip. Teen Missions was recommended to us by fellow leaders of a marriage ministry we are involved in. The husband went on stm's w/ TMI when he was a teen and now his daughters are going and he spoke very highly of the organization. Is there any referral organization for missions ministries?

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Post Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:19 pm Post subject: Re: Son wants to go to Egypt on STM Reply with quote

Wow, good question. What kind of referral are you looking for? Something along the lines of a financial statement of where their money goes? A doctrinal statement concerning their beliefs? Recommendations from other Mission Minsitries?

Here's some testimony from my own experience being on the stateside end of things: My sister went on a TMI trip when she was in High School. She went to Nicaragua, it was shorly after the Sandinistas had been put my parents were a bit worried. We were told we could write to her, and she could write to us. We got 2 letters at the beginning of her trip, and she called us from Florida when she arrived on the way to Nic. and on the way home. That was all the contact we had...and she didn't get any of our mail! But, God was very good to her and their team. The were protected at every turn... They had smooth entrance into and exit out of the country. The team was well disciplined, and well trained and prepared. When terrorists came to town, they took roads that were not near the team, or places where the team was located. It was like God had his hand on them the entire time for protection and good.

A friend of mine went to Israel with TMI. Their trip was an incredible learning experience for all the teens involved. They were safe the entire time. Their team was treated with respect by the nationals there. God faithfully took care of them, and kept them from sickness, and glorified Himself through their work.

I've known 5 people who've gone on TMI trips. All 5 teens were changed for the better in their relationship with the Lord Jesus. All 5 were kept safe going to and coming from the nations they were sent to. All 5 were kept safe in the countries that they stayed and served the Lord in.

I know from others experiences with TMI that I would be eager to have my son or daughter go with TMI on a missions trip.

So, now you know some of my stateside understanding of the trips. I hope it helps in your decision. If I find a referral agency online, I'll post it.

God bles you. Your brother in Christ, Tim JN.14:27 Rom.5:8
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Post Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 1:14 am Post subject: trip to egypt Reply with quote

My husband, daughter and I were missionaries in E for quite a while. It's actually safer on the streets there than in America. We could walk on the street at 2am without a single thought of someone harming us. Egyptians, in general, are very welcoming people, and love to greet others. We had good experiences with them, overall. I think your son would be safe and welcomed. Ask God to give you a "release" or sense of peace, and if it is meant to be, He will certainly do that. God bless!
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2006 4:04 pm Post subject: Good to know Reply with quote

Thanks for saying the truth about Egyptians who are welcome and respectful people, and it's true, Egyptians are poor, but happy, have you tried to ask yourself why are they happy? why it's safe there? why do they welcome everybody? simply because Islam is about equality and about everybody is free to practice his religion as he like, and we don't believe that everybody is going to hell except us, and much more if you started searching for the truth.
Jesus Christ (PBUH) never lied to send his message to anybody, as muslims believe he never sinned, and in your beliefs, he never asked people to lie to send his message everywhere in the world, which missionary trips do.
For the lady asking about her son, probably he already went, and he came back safe, and if you guys sent millions like him, they will stay safe, but they will never change what we believe in, and excuse me to quote something from our Holy Quran.
"Verily, We Ourselves have sent down this Exhortation, and most surely We will be its Guardian, (Al-Hijr, 15:10)"
God is the best gaurdian and he is the most merciful,
May allah bless and guide,
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Post Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:44 am Post subject: Reply with quote

I for one must comment here,

I lived in Cairo for 3 1/2 years and any fear you have about sending your son to Egypt is unfounded. I was 9-12 years old while there and once my family got accustomed to the culture it was not uncommon for me to spend hours traveling through the city by myself experiencing the culture. Egyptians, regardless of religion (predominantly Moslem with Coptic Christian's taking up the remainder for the most part), are exceptionally respectfull of children of all ages. the culture itself demands it.

As for the last posters comments about how we won't change their minds... generally its true that you won't force a person to change their mind, however i do know of many people that we were directly invovled with who have come to a Saving Knowledge of the Lord.

The biggest issue with Christians going to a Moslem country is the method of passing the message. American christianity focuses on saving our souls from eternal sin. to an Arab the best presentation is to focus on how he can achieve rightful Honour. to a Animalistic culture, you must focus on how he frees us from demonic powers. The message is still the same, but you must focus on what the culture fears the most. in Moslem/Arab nations, Honour above all other issues is the biggest fear.
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